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Recycling Bin Cart for Used Cans, Newspaper, and Glass

Recycling Bin Cart for Used Cans, Newspaper, and Glass

Recycling Bin Cart for Used Cans, Newspaper, and Glass



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Recycle bin carts allow us to do what we all feel we should do-that is recycle our used aluminum cans, newsprint, and glass and plastic bottles.

The Recycle Caddy is aluminum, the wheels are long-lasting ball bearing, and both trays are pre-assembled. It is collapsible so it can be shipped anywhere in the USA

The assembly process can be completed in 10 minutes. Each aluminum piece of the Recycle Caddy is precisely-cut and lead-free powder-coated.

We currently offer only one size--please measure your bins to get the correct model.

Red Cart:
Weight empty - 11 lbs.
Height - 40 inches
2 Bin trays which are separated by 23 inches
Can accept up to 50 lbs of recyclables

Please measure before you purchase
It can be a bit difficult deciding if this bin will fit your needs. Please get out your tape and measure your recycle bins before you purchase so you will be happy.

The manufacturer suggests that is best to measure the bottom or base of your bins.
This cart will accept bins with:
Max length of bin bottom of 22 1/4"
Max width of bin bottom of 15"

Inside Diameter Measurements of assembled cart tray when looking straight at cart are 20 inches long and 14.5 inches back toward main frame.

Large PVC carts are available
Now if you feel the metal cart above is too small for your bins, we have access to a cart constructed of pvc which will handle almost any size recycle bin.
We prefer to sell it in the central Florida area only since it is already assembled and quite bulky to ship. We will build a carton to ship it to you if you desire but the cost for S&H alone could be >$50-call or email if interest

Need Recycling Bins as well
There are perhaps hundreds of types of plastic recycling bins. We do not carry them currently but will gladly refer you to an excellent source-just ask


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The tree ring mulch mat has been perfect for our needs. We have a large metal cover on a grinder pump system and we are using the tree mat to cover it. The color blends in with the brown mulch we are using. Perfect customer Service!

Debby S
Southport, NC

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