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All Weather Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

All Weather Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

All Weather Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer



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OUTDOOR TIMER 24 hour outdoor lighting timer All-Weather control 2 OnOff settings Manual override OnOff switch Heavy-duty 18 grounded cord 15 AMPS resistive Frosted cover OUTDOOR TIMER.
Up to 48 cycles per day

No lose pins for setting the time

The Woods Wire 15 Amp 24-hour all-weather outdoor timer includes a rain-tight plastic case and can accommodate up to two on/ off settings per day.

A 15 Amp capacity controls lighting and heavy-duty loads such as motors and pool pumps. A grounded plug is also included to protect connected devices.

There's a manual override on/off switch, and a heavy-duty 18-inch 14gauge grounded cord included with the timer for easy out-of-the-box use.

The timer is designed to accommodate a maximum on time of 23-1/2-hours, and a minimum on time of 1/2-hour.

- Ideal electric timer for outdoor wet/dry use
- 2 on/off setting per day
- Grounded plug
- 15 Amps 1875 watts at 125 volts
- Waterproof cover
- Similar to the Intermatic HB31R which is no longer made
- Dimensions: 4in wide 6in hi 3in deep
- Spec sheet available on request


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The tree ring mulch mat has been perfect for our needs. We have a large metal cover on a grinder pump system and we are using the tree mat to cover it. The color blends in with the brown mulch we are using. Perfect customer Service!

Debby S
Southport, NC

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