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Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller

Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller

Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller



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The Model 1775 Euro locking foot activator provides an exciting new way to activate your faucet.

Its unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy on your feet and easy to use no matter what angle you are approaching your sink at. Simply press the activator in any direction to activate water flow.

In addition, the Model 1775 may be locked into the "on" position by pushing the activator to either side until it locks. The Euro activator requires a very light touch making it well suited to use with bare feet.

However its durable design makes it equally well suited to commercial, dental and medical settings where ease of use and hygiene is of the utmost concern.

Because of the locking feature, this model is at home in situations where continuous water flow is required such as in a home kitchen.

Who is this Faucet Device for?
Are you a homeowner who loves to cook but never has enough hands to cook the meal, chase the kids, answer the phone, and oh yea turn the faucet on and off? The Euro Tapmaster is for you !!! Euro models mount on cabinet toe kicks.

The Euro is offered in Brushed Nickel finish only currently. For cream/white or black finishes please see the traditional Tapmaster, our part number 01-0273.

**For our Best Plumbing, Cabinet, and Medical/Dental Installation companies, we now offer pricing for quantities of 10 on the Tapmaster 1775 model. Please choose "Model 1775 - Quantity of 10" at the dropdown box at Checkout.**

Other Euro Tapmaster Models Available:

Model 1770 Euro Momentary Activator for Hot and Cold Water Line Applications (The Euro activator requires very little pressure to function properly making it ideal for use residential settings where shoes are not always worn.)

Model 1776 Euro Locking Activator for Single Water Line Applications

Model 1771 Euro Momentary Activator for Single Water Line Applications

CLICK HERE for a replacement parts list for all Tapmaster models!

for Cooks read more at our blog - please click here

Check here for support as well as useful tips and tricks!

PASCO Self Closing Lavatory Faucet

PASCO Self Closing Lavatory Faucet

Self-Closing Shower/Urinal Valve w/ Pull Chain

Self-Closing Shower/Urinal Valve w/ Pull Chain

Tapmaster Kick-Plate Activated Hands Free Faucet Controller

Tapmaster Kick-Plate Activated Hands Free Faucet Controller

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The tree ring mulch mat has been perfect for our needs. We have a large metal cover on a grinder pump system and we are using the tree mat to cover it. The color blends in with the brown mulch we are using. Perfect customer Service!

Debby S
Southport, NC

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