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150Watt Outdoor ScrewIn Motion Activated Lighting Control AmerTac OMLC3BC4




Product Code: 03-0058


Give your home added security and safety by adding automatically activated, motion based lighting controls.

This screw-In, 150-Watt, outdoor, motion detecting lighting controller will automatically and appropriately turn On" your outdoor/security/perimeter lighting whenever motion is activated.

It uses a built-in photocell to determine whether the outdoor lighting is needed. If it is dark enough to require lighting, the bulb will be energized when motion is detected, then will be turned "Off" after ten minutes of inactivity within the detection area.

Motion will be detected up to 25-feet away from the sensor and can be mounted at a height ranging from 8 to 18 feet providing the user flexibility for installation.

The motion detector attaches to the screw-in adapter using a ball-and-socket style, swivel mount. A swivel mount also provides flexibility during installation by allowing the sensor to be fully adjusted left, right, up and down; directing the detection pattern to wherever it is needed.

Compatibility with almost every type of bulb (Works with CFL's, incandescent, and halogen), allows you to use this with any outdoor/security/perimeter lighting you already have around the home.

Note: Avoid directing the motion sensor window with line-of-sight of the light bulb. This can cause inappropriate activations during daylight hours, when light is not needed.


* Automatically activates lighting based on motion detection

* Count down feature automatically turns lights "Off"

* Compatible with most Compact Fluorescent lighting (CFL's), halogen, and incandescent

* Detection pattern offers 180-Degree field of view

* Detects motion at a maximum distance of 25-feet

* Swivel mount for motion detector to be directed exactly where you want it

* Built-in photocell prevents activation of lighting during the day

* Suitable for heights ranging from 8 - 18 feet

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