Scholarship Information and Documents

Information for the Scholarship offered by conserv-a-store

"Save a Root, Grow a Tree, Flourish for Life"

Hello Fellow Eco-Friendly Schools,

My name is Porter and I wanted to inform you of the scholarship we are offering to students from our Green business Conserv-A-Store! First let me tell you about Conserv-A-Store. We are a Eco-friendly store offering amazing products that can save you energy and money! Conserv-A-Store was founded in 2001 as an online retail store of Green Products, we look to inform others how to practice a Green way of life. By “Green” we mean Sustainable or Environmentally correct. We strive to save the Earth and save our customers money by offering you efficient and reliable Eco-friendly products. We can always be found at

We think it is valuable and important to teach our children of the future how to be green at a young age. The scholarship we are offering called the “Save a Root, Grow a Tree, Flourish for Life Scholarship” is a scholarship based around students and teachers learning how to be green in their daily life and in their classroom. We aim to share information and practice green activities in everyday life.

Attached you will find the Application and guidelines to be able to apply for the scholarship. We are hoping you will share this with the teachers and students in your school and send us a response to let us know you will be involved in the contest.

Of course if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at 919-702-3271 or email/fax us at

Thank you and Talk to you Soon!

Porter McNeil

General Manager Conserv-A-Store

Guidelines and Requirements

The Save a Root, Grow a Tree, Flourish for Life Scholarship is aiming to spread knowledge about young students being green in their everyday life. The Two-Part Entry will be required to be considered for this scholarship. The winner student and teacher combo will receive $250.00** USD each totaling in a grand scholarship total of $500.00** for each to turn their home/school more green with water reducing faucets, energy saving light bulbs, or even a can crashing recycler system for the home or school.

Step 1: Take a picture of yourself being/doing/helping/planting/cleaning something green (ex: take a pic or video of your planting a tree, reducing your water use by timing your shower or brushing your teeth, cleaning/picking up trash in your neighborhood, recycling in the classroom, reusing things considered as trash, etc) BE CREATIVE!

Step 2: Post the picture on Our Facebook/Twitter page

FB: <> TW: <>

Step 3: Get the most likes! Get your friends, family, and parents involved. You may retweet or repost to your page (or parent’s page) but the likes will only count on OUR page.

Step 4: Write short essay telling us How you plan to be green in your everyday life. Please type all entries.

  • Be specific by telling us what you do

  • Explain how you do it

  • Explain why you do it

  • Tell us how you will involve others to be green in their life

  • Suggest how others can be more green

Voting will be closed at ***** ** ***** 12 pm EST; We will notify the winner by **** ** *****. All essays should be typed and sent to Conserv-A-Store by fax a 407-894-0366 by ***** *** **** at 12pm EST.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@conservastore on Facebook, or on Twitter as a direct message or personal message and we will respond within 3-5 business days.

** subject to review AND approval by Conserv A Store Scholarship Committee and all requirements are fulfilled.

Contact us for full application @

If you have any suggestion for other schools or your school is interested in entering; if you're a teacher, principal, etc - please contact for school wide details