Conserv-A-Store Climate Change Statement
Global Temperatures have generally increased at a more-than-normal increasing rate in the last 200 years, Is Man Solely Reponsible for Climate Change? Is Man at All Responsible for Climate Change? or Is Climate Change a Hoax?

Climate Change Statement

What is Climate Change and Is It Really Occurring?

Global Temperatures have generally increased at a more-than-normal increasing rate in the last 200 years. This can generally be attributed to an aberration of the Greenhouse Effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. The Greenhouse Effect is positive for humans unless it gets out of control as it has in recent years with the rise of certain Earth atmospheric gases.

Here is the proof and the suggested causes from a few different sources:


• Skeptical Science

Is Man Solely Responsible for Climate Change?

We do not believe so. We believe that the Milky Way Galaxy (and the Total Universe) has many laws that we do not understand and that may be contributory to what is called Global Warming. Likewise the Earth has gone through many cycles during its existence from what can be deciphered from Geological Forensic Historical Earth Science. Perhaps the data we are witnessing is due in part to another Earth cycle.

Is Man at All Responsible for Climate Change?

We believe this is affirmative. The data mentioned above shows a stark increase in so called Greenhouse Gases since the human lead industrialization of the past 150 years. It is hard to put an exact percent on what Man has done to expedite Climate Change but we feel there is a causal link.

Is Climate Change a Hoax?

Well we are all suspect of large claims by Humans who may be privy to more knowledge than the average person. Did we really land on the Moon? Was the 911 attack a conspiracy? Many of the seminal events in Human history can be seen to fall into a plan that is designed by certain Humans to reward these Humans at the expense of all the rest. Guess it largely depends on how much you trust the data the International Space Agencies including NASA gather as their satellites circle the Earth and the findings of Geological Scientists who study the history of the Earth. This data seems to prove that Greenhouse Gas levels are increasing.

We do find it humorous that those that often pooh pooh scientific discoveries that conflict with their own world view are the folks that are the first to drive the newest hottest auto, have the newest heart saving procedure, or be the first to purchase the newest iPhone or Samsung-all activities that are totally based on science. Most of us are not scientists but we believe most scientists are interested in the presumed authenticity of their publishing

• An article from those who feel Climate Change has little to do with Man

What Should Humans Do to Help Mitigate Climate Change?

If there is a belief that there is any contribution by the human population to the growth of Climate Change events that may damage the human population it seems as though humans would want to identify the activities causing the problems and modify these activities.

Will Changing Human Activity to Mitigate Climate Change Cause Worldwide Depression?

Ha Ha Why would it need to? There are ample Green technologies to power Human existence at a level equal to or hopefully better than the technologies that are contributing to the Climate Change.

Many sustainable technologies use the power of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science to provide energy that is sustainable ie it will damage the Earth very little in it's implementation

Is Climate Change Affecting Non Human Plant and Animal Species and is that Important?

As Humans we are supposedly near the top of the Intellectual Pyramid on Earth and as a result have a Spiritual obligation we feel to those who may not have the ability to affect the Environment as we can.

As a result we feel Humans should sequester portions of the Planet for Animals and Plants to lead their lives in a manner they were designed and Humans should stay out of the way. If Human activity is affecting generally the lives of Plants and Animals and is eradicating species this activity should be reviewed and moderate.

Does Climate Change Really Matter in the Total Life of Planet Earth?

According to BBC Science the Earth is currently about half way through its existence and will most likely be destroyed by an expanding Sun in roughly 500 million yrs. So the death of the Earth is imminent with or without Climate Change. If you want to take the longest view irrespective of current Plant or Animal life contribution to Earth matters, we guess Climate Change due to increased and irregular content of Gases in the Earth's atmosphere whether man made or not simply does not matter in the brief existence of this lovely planet Humans call Earth.