Using Rubber Mulch as an Environmentally Friendly Option for Your Lawn

Using Rubber Mulch as an Environmentally Friendly Option for Your Lawn

By Mary Sauer

Eco-responsible homeowners are always on the lookout for alternative products to replace wasteful or unsustainable items that are commonly used at home—something Home Improvement Leads are passionate about. Whether you are looking for building materials, decorative items, or products for use in your garden, you can almost always find a green alternative.

One such product is rubber mulch, recycled from rubber tire pieces and used as a more resourceful option for your home and garden. The products manufactured by Conserv-A-Store are made entirely of recycled rubber and are perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners with a penchant for DIY.

Clean Up Your Lawn Landscaping with Rubber Mulch

Weed overgrowth is a thorn in the side of many avid landscapers. While a douse of weed killer might do the trick, there are many concern about how such products affect the health of your lawn, your pets, and the people living in your home.

Using mulch in landscaping provides an alternative to harmful weed killers, but it is not necessarily an environmentally friendly option. Conventional oak bark mulches are often treated with products that can be harmful to your soil. This is where pour-in-place rubber mulch provides the ultimate solution. This product is versatile, since you decide the shape, and it’s manufactured entirely out of rubber that would normally find its way to landfills.

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Could Rubber Tire Pieces Be Your Gateway to Environmental Gardening?

Gardening is another part of homeownership that presents challenges for the environmentally responsible individual. While it may seem that nothing is more green than growing your own food, you will quickly realize that conventional gardening products are often full of chemicals that could jeopardize your health and the health of your soil.

Rubber mulch in gardens easily blocks troublesome weed overgrowth while still allowing water to seep into the soil below. Whether you are interested in a pre-made mulch mat or the versatility of the pour-in-place rubber mulch, Conserv-A-Store has green options to keep weeds under control in your garden.

Add a Finishing Touch to Trees in Your Lawn

Adding landscaping around the trees of a lawn is a common practice in home, park and commercial landscaping, but since many of the typical methods of use mulch may not be the best choice for the environment, it’s important to find a greener alternative. Conserv-A-Store’s rubber mulch tree rings come in a wide variety of sizes that are the perfect finishing touch for the trees in your lawn.

Small steps are key to living a more environmentally sustainable life. It’s as simple as starting with one area of your home, such as your lawn, and finding replacements for the most harmful products you are using. By doing so, you will increase your sense of eco-responsibility and reduce your negative impact on the environment in the blink of an eye!