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Low flow, water saving faucets and water saving aerators for your bathroom or kitchen are really the easiest way to begin water saving. These products are very inexpensive and very easy to install.

We offer a few types of self closing faucets which really force you to save water due to the way they operate
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Self Closing Shower/Urinal Valve SelfClosing Shower/Urinal Valve w/ Pull Chain

SelfClosing Shower Valve is solid brass and spring loaded for full flow when held open and fast close when released. Great for beach showers, foot washing stations, and urinals. Washes you off but saves the water bill payer on the cost of water.

Self Closing Solid Brass Lavatory Basin Faucet Self Closing Solid Brass Lavatory Basin Faucet

This Self Closing Solid Brass Lavatory Faucet Comes with a vandal proof cap and aerator, chrome plated brass, 1/2" IPS shank, in a chrome plated brass finish.

Water Saving Drinking Fountain Faucet or Bubbler - Lead Free Chrome Water Saving Drinking Fountain Faucet or Bubbler - Lead Free Chrome

This is an old standard but where you need water saving and do not want to spend on electronic faucet-- this is a winner. Saves water but gives the athlete or student convenient relief for thirst

Zurn Centerset Metering Faucet Zurn Centerset Water saving Metering Faucet 4 in wide

Everyone needs more water taps for hand washing
and cup refill. Perfect for schools, bus stations,
hot/cold, slow closing, no wasted flow,
The more clean hands, the more hygiene.

Faucet Aerators are really small filters that filter debris from the water flow but water saving aerators have integral parts that reduce the water flow. These aerators will fit most faucet threads on the market today. If you recently had a faucet installed but want to make it lowest flow go ahead and switch out the aerator to do this.

If you live in California, Arizona, Colorado, or other drought stricken areas you need a .5gpm aerator on your faucets. It will not compromise water flow. You really will notice no difference at all.