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Adding sleekness and design to your bathroom has never been so easy! Conserv-A-Store is now offering LOW FLOW TOILETS and WATER SAVING TOILET ACCESSORIES including 1.0 GPF (gallon per flush) Watersense Toilets that are among the most water-efficient models in the toilet line! Not only are they Top of the Line, they save you money! The crowds are raving over quiet, efficient, and beauty of something that was once taboo; No more talking taboo when it comes to HighEfficiencyToilets(HET)! Using a toilet is a necessity so why not sit in style! We offer discounts for pallet load quantities, an array of toilet parts including toilet flappers, toilet banks, toilet dams and even retrofit dual flush ballcocks. Come to the one stop shop and get everything you need! Though most of these items are easy to install, we can suggest a plumber for you if you're not familiar with all the ins and outs... By the way you can save 5% on any product in the water saving category USE CODE "SAVEWATER" savings you can't resist!

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Wall-Mount Waterless Urinal by Kholer Wall-Mount Waterless Urinal by Kohler

The Kholer Waterless Urinal is nothing short of amazing. Offering sleek design to your modern renovations of your bathroom in your home or business; this toilet will offer power and efficiency you need from a urinal.

Premium HET UltraMax Elongated 1 Piece 1.0 GPF Toilet by Toto Premium HET UltraMax Elongated 1 Piece 1.0 GPF Toilet by Toto

This beautifully one piece designed High Efficiency Toilet will astonish you. Featuring the Tornado Flush Flushing System as well as the CeFiONtec ceramic glaze; the Top of the Line Toilet adds style and design to any bathroom renovation.

Highline Pressure Lite 1.0 GPF Toilet by Kohler Highline Pressure Lite 1.0 GPF Toilet by Kohler

The Highline Pressure Lite 1.0 GPF toilet is a great item for any bathroom renovation and remodel. The sleek, porcelain look of this toilet is appropriate for homes and businesses.

1.0 gpf Pro Flo Elongated Sloan Valve Pressure Assist Toilet 1.0 GPF ProFlo Sloan Valve Pressure Assist HET Elongated Water Saving Toilet

The ProFlo 1.0 GPF(gallon per flush) Sloan Valve Pressure Assist HET Toilet is perfect for the homeowner, a convenience store, a condo or apt project. Anywhere water saving makes sense. We offer Pallet Pricing for 10 or more toilets to most areas in the USA

Drake Elongated 2-Piece 1.0 GPF Toilet by Toto HET Premium Drake Elongated 2-Piece 1.0 GPF Toilet by Toto

This (HET)High Efficiency Toilet Toto, Drake style Toilet offers sleek design and comfort. With an elongated bowl and two-piece Porcelain build, you will find an extraordinarily smooth and comfortable feel when upgrading a bathroom.

1.1 GPF Gerber Ultra Flush Pressure Assist Water Saving Toilet 1.1 GPF Gerber Ultra Flush Pressure Assist Water Saving Toilet

Save water using this 1.1 GPF Ultra Flush Pressure Assist Toilet.This toilet offers top of the line professional performance that can surpass your expectations. Its unique rim provides complete rinsing coverage with every flush as well as a powerful flush

0.8 GPF Niagara Stealth Low Flow Ultra High Efficiency Toilet  Round or Elongated 0.8 GPF Niagara Stealth Low Flow Ultra High Efficiency Toilet Round or Elongated

The Stealth 0.8 gallons per flush(GPF) ultra highefficiency(UHET) toilet by Niagara Conservation is the premiere water saving tank style toilet made today.

1.0 GPF Toilet - Low Flow Toilet | Conservastore 1.0 GPF Toilet Premier Elongated HET with Comfort Height Slow Close Seat

The Premier Elongated HET(High Efficiency Toilet) with Comfort Height and Slow Close seat can offer you a quiet and efficient flush that will save you money. Higher seating offers ease of access on the body and the slow closing seat with help with noise

1.1 GPF Premier Dual Flush Comfort Height Toilet 1.1/1.6 GPF Premier All-In-One Dual Flush with Elongated Comfort Height Toilet

This High Performance Toilet provides a plastic seat that sits higher than the normal toilet to offer the highest amount of comfort and ease. This toilet also comes with Fluidmaster Tank Trim which helps prevent the toilet from overflowing in the event of an emergency.

Fluidmaster Pro Dual Flush Retrofit Kit-Water Saving Fluidmaster Pro Dual Flush Retrofit Kit-Water Saving

Convert your toilet into a watersaving dual flushing system with the trusted name Fluidmaster. Most of your toilet activity is liquid waste Save and water with this system. No tools less than 10 minute install.

Toilet Installation Kit Toilet Installation Kit

The Toilet Installation Kit will make your life easier. With this all inclusive kit including the Wax "O" Ring, Stainless Steel Closet Compressor Connector, Chrome Plated Angle Stop, and Plastic Elongated Front Toilet Cover - you will be able to complete your new toilet installation.

Frugal Flush Adjustable Toilet Flapper Water Saving Frugal Flush Adjustable Toilet Flapper Water Saving

This Water Saving Adjustable flapper will allow better performance on existing 1.6 gpf toilets and extreme savings on 3.5 and older gpf toilets

Toilet Flapper w/ Adjustable Float by Korky Toilet Flapper w/ Adjustable Float by Korky-Water Saving

This adjustable float flapper by Korky gives the users a lot of options. Move the float up for extreme water savings or down for more flushing power. Perfect for hotels, apartments, and other multi family high use settings.
Contact us if you want to install in multiple toilets in a multi-family job and we'll offer you a nice price break!


"I bought a new toilet, But what now? How do I install a new toilet?"

Changing out a toilet or toilet parts is moderately simple. Granted, you need the right tools and patience but if you put the work in, you will be rewarded. There are plenty of Youtube videos on how to do this and we've even included one so feel free to look it over. It also depends on your level of comfort, if you are use to installing and working with hardware, then you are mostly likely going to complete this as well with no problem. Most people that do not have the time or patience call an installer. If you are in Central Florida, we can help you with some referrals, if you are not in Central FL, we can help you find some local installers or you can google for installers in your area. Either way, we are here to help.

For those of you that want to tackle the task your own, the first and most important thing you can do is to turn off the stop that located on the wall behind the toilet and most likely below the on the wall(remember: lefty loosey, righty tighty) Start her and you will have the most success. in your process to remove and replace your toilet. For more information watch the video below and let us know what you think or suggestions we can add for our future customers.

We would hope that this information and videos help. Installing a toilet, like we mentioned does take some patience. We believe in self-sufficient people and ways you can be perfectly great on your own without the help of an expensive installer. Sustainability is the way to go. Always think of a way to make a way out of no way!