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Solar Water Heating System for Temperate Climates 1




Product Code: 04-0003

Description Installation

SolarRoofs System 3 is for areas of light freeze only such as the state of Florida, southern Texas, and southern California, and the Caribbean and is an Open Loop model. This SolarRoofs model may be hooked to your existing water heater tank which can save you money. The Open Loop system “circulates potable water through the collector to heat water.” Solar Roofs collectors are very light for ease of install and added wind protection.

We offer installation assistance in many areas of Florida. Generally installation by a licensed solar water contractor or plumber is needed to attain all rebate $’s but this does vary by locale.

How to size your system:

The size of your system depends on where you live and how much hot water you require. We suggest you work with an experienced & licensed installer in your area to make the calculation. Some contractors recommend 20 sq. ft. of collector area for each of the first two household members. If you live in the Sun Belt, add 8 sq. ft. for each additional family member; add 12 to 14 sq. ft. per person if you live in the North. Storage tank size is tied to usage and collector size. Northern areas can get by with about 1.5 gal of storage capacity for each square foot of collector, while Sun Belt locales will require about 2 gal. Slightly larger storage capacity is necessary in sunnier, hotter climates because systems there are capable of producing more hot water. It's better to remove the hot water from the collector than to risk overheating.

Skyline Premium: The Most Complete Solar Water Heating System Kits in the World!

- 12 Volt Pump with Photovoltaic Panel

- Light Weight, Easy to install collectors with all copper high performance absorbers

- Complete "Easy Mount" rail system

- Dole Freeze Valve that opens at 45 degree F for very light Freeze Protection

- Recirculation Freeze Protection Standard - 12 Volt Freeze Snap Switch Control Box with Transformer

- Digital Twin Temperature Readout with sensors, tape, and spare set of batteries

- All solar Loop Parts and Fittings including pre-soldered assemblies

- 50' roll of soft copper tubing with compression unions and Ells

- FREE! 36' of 1/2" wall high temperature insulation

- Tempering Valve (3/4” C x C x C) also no solder Tempering Valve options

- No Soldering Required for the entire solar Loop

- "Quick Connect" to bottom of tank or optional Top Connects available

- FREE! Option: Choice of "Stacked" or "Side by Side" collector layouts

- Choice of 2 Standard and 24 Optional Collector Trim Colors

- No soldering is required for the solar loop

- A choice of options to make the system just right for you

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