Commercial Discounts
Conservastore offers commercial Discounts for large orders by Trade Contractors including Electrical, Plumbing, & Landscape, Commercial Business Owners, Government Purchasing Managers, Educational Facility Purchasers, Hospitality, and others.

We are pleased to offer special discounts for our commercial business customers including trade contractors and government purchasing managers who have interest in providing their facilities and customers a more energy efficient, energy saving and profit maximizing approach to business. Our products can help those contractors attempting to achieve various LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings. A sample of industries that qualify and products offered are listed below.

Educational facilities, Public and Private Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, and Colleges and Universities:
Waterless no flush urinals, Solar electric lighting, Hands free manual faucets and hands free automatic electronic faucets, Break room can crushers

Electrical Contractors:
Long life chandelier bulbs for houses with high ceilings, long life Full spectrum or daylight bulbs in compact fluorescent for your customers demanding the highest lumens per bulb, screw in photocontrols and light controls, longest lasting LED 50,000 hr light bulbs

Local, State, and Federal Government and Armed Forces Buildings and Installations:
Recycling products for aluminum cans like Can Crushers &Canpactors. Water Saving products such as low flow aerators, power flush toilets and Frugal Flush flappers. We are General Services Administration, GSA, Business Partner Network approved

Hospitality and Hotel/Motel:
Water saving devices, electricity saving devices, long life light bulbs for community areas, daylight compact fluorescent light bulbs for customer rooms

Landscape Contractors, Landscape Architects, Commercial Tree farmers and growers: We offer circularTree Rings mats, very large recycled tire rubber Mulch Mats,Landscape or Edge Borders, Organic fertilizers, water saving landscape additives

Maintenance Professionals:
Water saving goods that adapt the toilet tank to lower gallon per flush usage, lowest flow faucet aerators and lowest flow showerheads, Non acid and non base bio-enzymatic drain cleaners

Multi Family, Apartment, Condo Owners:
20,000 hr flood and par lamps and 40,000 hr LED flood, par, and spot bulbs for security and 20,000 hr incandescent bulbs and bug bulbs for hallways and community areas. Water saving and electricity saving devices for each room including low flow massage showerheads and hands free faucets, containers that support recycling efforts.

Plumbing Contractors:
Tapmaster and Pedalvalve hands free faucets for dental offices and light commercial restaurants and eateries, Water Saving Kits , Water Saving Showerheads of 1.25 and 1.50 and 1.75 gallons per minute(gpm) flow, Low flow aerators of .5 gpm, Sloan and Zurn electronic hands-free faucets, Instantaneous Point of Use Tankless Water Heaters, Waterless urinals, Recirculating pumps to save hot water

Sign Lighting Contractors:
Solar electric, solar powered (photovoltaic) Sign Lighting for Communities, Community Associations, or Commercial Locations. This would include highway medians, community entrance signs, or any area where a sign can be lighted less expensively by DC power than grid tied power OR there is no AC service to the given location. We have helped schools, churches, and subdivisions light signs that were previously unlighted due to expense.

Please contact us or fax us 407-894-0366 or call us 407-898-2284 for quotations or to place an order. We prefer payment by credit card and can send a pro-forma invoice for you to reference. We will offer you yearly contracts for repeat purchases.

If you feel that your industry qualifies for Commercial Discounts but is not represented on this list, please feel free to call us for further discussion.