How is Rubber Mulch Made?

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How does rubber mulch actually turn into mulch?


Wondering how rubber mulch is actually made? Well we have the answers! Check out this article below about some of the techniques that are used in the processing of rubber mulch, rubber pellets, rubber nuggets, and much more!


We are committed to doing our part to go and stay green by using 100% recycled tires. In our efforts to provide safe products that are recycled we will continue to create durable, safe, rubber products that are better for everyone as well as the environment.

Our Partner is dedicated to producing products with 100% recycled rubber tire buffing. They focus on creative ways to make use of rubber tire waste, a stream that is difficult to dispose of in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. By using recycled rubber in the production of products, we manage to provide the lowest environmental impact. The total energy consumed in the manufacturing is less than the energies consumed when disposing of waste, or producing virgin rubber or synthetic source materials. Sustainable recycled rubber products are simply more cost effective with respect to production and purchase price.

The United States alone generates over 260 million tires every year, most are disposed

of in landfills and illegal dumpsites. This creates hazardous conditions for the environment and its inhabitants. By producing our products and continuing to develop new and innovative additions to our line, our company is dedicated to building the economic and social value of recycled products while decreasing negative environmental impact.

These products are as great, as they are GREEN!

What is Rubber Buffing?

Our recycled rubber buffing is taken from the outer layer of large commercial tires. By using only the outer buffing and not the whole tire, we keep the potentially harmful particles such as mold-attracting fabric shreds and slivers of steel out of our products and away from you and your family. As the tire is spun at a high speed, the outer layer is shredded off and collected, creating the soft and safe rubber buffing we use in our recycled rubber product offers.

With our unique, organic powder color coating combined with our formulated polymer, our colors won’t rub off or stain. The extra care we take in the production of our recycled rubber products places us a cut above the rest.


Benefits:  Uses: 
Absorbs Shock Residential Playgrounds
ADA Compliant Anti-Fatigue Matting
Prevents Trip Hazards Commercial & Residential Landscaping
Prevents Kick-Out Walking Trails & Pathways
Reduces Dust & Particulates Tree Wells & Pits
Discourages Inserts, Rodents, Mold, & Fungus Erosion Control


Safe for People, Plants, Animals?

Inspired by architectural arches, rubber mulch mats provides structural surety related to gradual loss of intensity for fall height situations in different field conditions and temperatures. Its unique design provides a strong and stable footprint while providing excellent shock absorption and load dispersion.

Not only is it safe, but it’s easy install. They have a built-in alignment foot that makes installation a breeze. Use the alignment foot during your installation to eliminate marginal error by achieving straighter lines for easy install. The interlocking puzzle piece in most tree rings mechanism helps prevent movement or shifting of the rubber surface and helps eliminate failures between tiles where gaps have traditionally allowed debris to settle, causing the rubber mats to curl. FYI: All accessories are 14” wide as opposed to our competitors 8”


Watch this video to see how it actually happens in a factory

~Folks there are plenty of great tire recycling facilities in the USA but was hard to find a video of their basic work

“(This) rubber mulch plant turns the whole tire into a high quality rubber mulch and steel. It’s a physically processing system, working in the normal temperature, causing no secondary pollution. Wire free mulch plant is the second step in tire recycling system. At this stage, TDS chips from TS primary tire shredder are processed into around 10-20mm rubber chips with steel removed by magnetic separator. During the process, the scrap tires shreded by our TS tire shredder and RR rasper into around 99.9% wire free chips.”


We also offer loose fill! 

Rubber Designs Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is made from recycled tire buffing and is especially popular as aground cover for heavy walking areas due to its soft and springy bounce. Properly installed rubber mulch requires little maintenance and can last for 10 years or more, whereas wood mulch is generally replaced each year. Our loose fill rubber mulch allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil and does not attract insects, protecting your playground from pests.

We obtain raw material that originates as 100% recycled commercial waste stream rubber called buffing. A buffing sieve analysis is performed prior to the materials being colored and bagged. We selectively classify our recycled buffing material, and carefully sort particle sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”. It is necessary to have the right combination and proportionate particle sizes so the finished product weaves and knits together by design.

Our rubber buffing material is colored using our organic powder color coating methods that will not delaminate over time. Rubber buffing, once colored, is sealed with our formulated polymer wetting agent, bonding the pigments definitively into each and every particle. Once fully blended, color types are proportionately mixed together and bagged for delivery. Rubber Mulch is a long-lasting and durable product that does not deteriorate, float away or splinter. Our Rubber Mulch is the top of the line in rubber mulch products.

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  1. Which is better? Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch - Conserv-A-Store

    […] Landscape experts say that the mulch does not fade as fast as traditional wood mulch and won’t float or blow away like many softwood mulches do during heavy rains or high winds. Rubber Mulch is also not stained and will not dry out in color from rain and other outside forces of nature that may attack it. If you buy red mulch for example, You will find the soil to have a reddish color and the mulch getting lighter over time. With the rubber mulch this is little to not little at all. Wondering how rubber mulch is made? […]

    • conserveadmin

      Thanks for your informed comment. Old tires whose life has expired are collected and put into a shredder to be reduced to sizes of a few inches and some to an even smaller size that can be built up into other products including used as a faux asphalt at times Hope that helps Have a great day Conservastore

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