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Toilet Installation Kit
Toilet Installation Kit
The Toilet Installation Kit will make your life easier. With this all inclusive kit including the Wax "O" Ring, Stainless Steel Closet Compressor Connector, Chrome Plated Angle Stop, and Plastic Elongated Front Toilet Cover - you will be able to complete your new toilet installation.
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Yellow Bug 25 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs  2 Pack  20,000 Hrs
Yellow Bug 25 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs 2 Pack 20,000 Hrs
These 20,000 Hour Incandescent Yellow Bug Light Bulbs give you superior life but promote resistance to bugs for your outdoor living areas. 25wt. At 5000 hrs use per year during the evening that's about a 4 year payback. Free ship on this 2 pack
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Did you know that the EPA’s Energy Star program; the leading program for the nation that informs Americans on how to save energy using certain products; states that heating and air conditioning account for 46% of the average household’s annual utility bill! Yes that means that your heating and air alone is almost half of your utility bill. That’s astonishing since we never turn if off. Especially in tropical weather climates such as Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Even vice versa like New York, Delaware, and North Dakota.

Just imagine if you would take the time to control what you expend in energy and reduce that bill by 25%! You’d be able to make some amazing changes in your utility bill. Not to mention, over hundreds of kilowatt-hours in expended electricity each year in total of the US alone. We took the time to research some quick ways for you to keep your home in a comfortable state all while reducing your energy intake.

First you should always protect your windows with dark curtains all year long- cold or warmth. This will repel which ever (heat or cold) from entering the home and throwing off your temperature in the home that’s most wanted.

Next, try to choose ceiling fans over turning on the AC. We suggest this because a fan uses about the same amount of electricity as one standard light bulb (LED bulb).

Lastly, think about planting a tree that will be able to cast shade on your windows which will repel unwanted sun rays from entering the home and warming it up too quickly. This will keep your home cool which allows for more control of the temperature.

BONUS: Try to Get your HVAC unit inspected with help from a local contractor in order to make sure it is working properly for anytime over the year. Try not to catch them in busy season since there will be a lot of homeowners who do not do preventative care until it’s too late. Don’t be that homeowner! Be preventative of a big blow out!

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