100 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs 10,000 Hrs, 12 pack


November ’22: Sorry we are out of this bulb with no chance of restock. In August ’23, we do still have 60 wt 10k hr incandescent bulbs if that will satisfy your requirement. Clik here

Some folks just like the look and feel of an incandescent bulb These give you incandescent feel while offering very long life at 10,000 hrs. The Green gene is the lack of requirement to produce short life incandescent bulbs over and over for the same life these will give you. Get em soon When we run out they’re gone. These are tough coat or rough service so they do have a bit of a frosted tint to allow the long life but are marketed as clear Need some 60 wt bulbs click here

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Long-life 100 Clear light bulbs burn 10,000 hours before needing replacement.

The light bulb market is quite disperse now. There are LED’s, CFL’s, and still some incandescents left to purchase. We offer you a very long life incandescent bulb here. Yes it uses the standard amount of electricity but some folks still want the look and feel of incandescents and the long life of these bulbs prevents overproduction and associated costs that lower life incandescents require so we feel that offers a Green Gene

Long-life 100 frosted light bulbs burn 10,000 hours before needing replacement.
The average light bulb lasts about 750 hours, which can seem a very short time if the bulb is located in a hard-to-reach location.
Replace your standard light bulbs with bulbs manufactured to burn at least 10 times longer than the average general service bulb.
The 10,000-Hour 100 light bulbs are a package of twelve frosted bulbs designed to burn for 10,000 hours.

Tough Coat means they are a hybrid of Frost and Clear

Silicone coated; shatter and weather proof
• Rough Service filament to endure the challenge of
harsh conditions
• Provides a soft diffused light with less than 3% loss of


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Folks Bulb Installs are easy but if you’re up on a ladder PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

Also if the bulb has been in the fixture a while the glass could break so gloves are suggested as well and may as well wear safety glasses too!!


We’re happy to offer you a 100 watt traditional incandescent light bulb with free shipping in a 12pk

Perfect for a favorite reading lamp or a hall light. BUT it’s 10,000 hrs long life

Description: 100A19/RS/TOUGH COAT –
Hours: 10000
Standard Case Quantity: 12
Bulb: A19
Watts: 100
Volts: 130
Base: E26- MEDIUM
Lumens: 540
MOL: 4.20