100 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs (Frosted) – 20,000 Hrs, 12 Pack


Folks Sorry the 20,000 bulbs are gone and are no longer made. We can offer you a 10,000 hr 60 wt incandescent bulb if you will click here.

The USA  Dept of Energy has gradually phased out incandescent bulbs but we can sell you the 10k hr bulb because it is modified a bit with features the DOE allows. We will keep this product page up for a while since it satisfies the queries of some of our customers. This is written in November 2021

Some folks just like the look and feel of an incandescent bulb These give you incandescent feel while offering very long life at 20,000 hrs. The Green gene is the lack of requirement to produce short life incandescent bulbs over and over for the same life these will give you. These are no longer made and our inventory is dropping. We urge you to purchase soon Need some 60 watt bulbs as well Click Here

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Some Folks still like the look, feel, and comfort of long life incandescent light bulbs over LED and CFL bulbs

Long-life 100 Watt frosted light bulbs burn 20,000 hours before needing replacement. The average light bulb lasts about 750 hours, which can seem a very short time if the bulb is located in a hard-to-reach location.

The light bulb market is quite disperse now. There are LED’s, CFL’s, and still some incandescents left to purchase. We offer you a very long life incandescent bulb here. Yes it uses the standard amount of electricity but some folks still want the look and feel of incandescents and the long life of these bulbs prevents over production and sales costs that lower life incandescents require

Replace your standard light bulbs with bulbs manufactured to burn at least 10 times longer than the average general service bulb.

The 20,000-Hour 100 Watt light bulbs are a package of six frosted bulbs designed to burn for 20,000 hours

The 20,000-Hour 100-Watt light bulbs have an extra heavy-duty pure chemically treated 20,000-hour filament supported by five support wires and two lead wires, which help provide long life and excellent resistance to vibration and shock.

They use an expensive krypton rare gas element, which reduces heat and prolongs filament life.

A reflector disc protects the basing cement from heat and directs more light on your task area. The brass base eliminates corrosion and prevents the lamp from sticking in a socket.


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Folks pretty easy really unless your up on a ladder–If so please be careful

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-100wt frosted style: 100A19/FR

-Aerotech Light Bulb Co

These bulbs are sourced from China but do meet all US Govt requirements of incandescent bulbs as of Jan 2012