75 Watt Indoor/Outdoor Flood Long Life Incandescent Light Bulb 20,000 Hrs


Longlife 75watt indoor/outdoor incandescent flood light bulbs last up to 20,000 hours. It’ll be several years before you need to replace them. Low Case pricing!

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Ur call use this 20k hr Flood bulb in an interior can or an exterior dual flood fixture.

This 75 watt indoor/outdoor light bulb offers the longest life for any
incandescent flood bulb you’ll find. Never again will you have to
trouble yourself with constantly changing out fast burning bulbs. This
bulb will easily last you several years thanks to its long life.

This bulb is also 75 watts which puts it in a popular light range for
those who don’t want it super bright but want enough light to see. So
whether you want these bulbs inside your house or whether you want them
outside, this bulb can satisfy either of your needs.

To take your energy savings to another level you can pair it with a
light control, dimmer, or sensor depending on your exact needs.

Folks be careful if a ladder is needed in your replacement process

More Info/FAQs
Want to know the difference between a PAR and a BR bulb? Click here for our blog post where we compare and contrast the two!

Aero Tech Product # ULA-30
Bulb style 75BR38 FL
75 watt Outdoor/Indoor Flood bulb
Maximum Overall Length (MOL):5.31in
Diameter of Lens: 4.75in
These bulbs are sourced from China but do meet all US Govt requirements of incandescent bulbs as of Jan 2012


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