Yellow Bug 25 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs 2 Pack 20,000 Hrs


These 20,000 Hour Incandescent Yellow Bug Light Bulbs give you superior life but promote resistance to bugs for your outdoor living areas. 25wt. At 5000 hrs use per year during the evening that’s about a 4 year payback. Free ship on this 2 pack

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The 20,000 Hour Bug Light Bulbs are designed with a unique all-weather
construction, they withstand harsh weather conditions better than
regular bulbs. Special coating makes light invisible to bugs, so they
stay away! 20,000 Hours is equivalent to about 2 1/4 years if the bulbs are kept on 24/7. So if you have a hard to reach place for a bug bulb this is what you need.


  • Manufacturer is Lightronics
  • 25 Watts or 25a19 bug
  • 20,000 Hours
  • 120 Volts
  • Base: E26
  • Shape: A19
  • Maximum Overall Length (MOL):4.4in


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No sweat just please be careful if on a ladder

We are trying to offer long life incandescent light bulbs as long as they are made. Ask us to help and we can try to source what you want