Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Landscape Mat 4 ft x 8 ft by Conserv-A-Store


A Great size rubber mulch mat for the homeowner or the landscape contractor.  Standard colors are Brown, Black, Red, Rainbow For 2023 we’re offering premium colors as well please see below. You can pick up these mats at our Orlando facility if in the area or we can ship them to you no problem. If so, we’ll need to get a freight rate for you so we’ll need city,zip and commercial or residential and can you off load or need a lift gate. Please don’t forget these other sizes as well: 4ft x 4ft, 5ft x 5ft  and 3ft x 20ft mats. We also offer a Pour your own mat solution as well that will handle any size project.

Made in America, better yet right here in FL

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The Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Landscape Mat 4 ft x 8 ft


Not many stores offer this product with a heavy weave and extra weight so we are happy to give you an item that solves many gardening and landscaping solutions.

This mat does a better job
at stopping weed from growing around tress and garden plants, than a
regular garden mat. Because this item is made entirely out of recycled
rubber material, it will last longer than the usual landscape fabric
used for home and commercial lawns. This mulch weed mat is an
investment for your garden to stay pest and corrosion free for years.
Its environmental friendly makeup provides organic weed control. It is
the ultimate landscape fabric alternative. Its thick framework develops a
solid weed barrier, keeping soil, water, and nutrients in and
agricultural pests out.

This recycled rubber mulch weed mat is rectangular and can be easily cut and shaped for many uses around your yard and home.

For 2023 we are happy to offer you premium colors that are harder to source. (CYPRESS / GREEN / YELLOW / RUSTIC / JUNGLE). These are priced 15% higher than our everyday colors and will take at least 3 weeks to produce. If interest send us an email or call and we will help you place the order

Protects Your Trees From Weeds – Weeds can damage your trees and they make your yard look ugly
Saves You Time – Once you set it, you can forget it. No ongoing
maintenance required so you don’t have to keep going to your trees to
clean it up
Keeps Your Trees Healthy – The mulch mats allow nutrients to pass through them which gives you better looking trees
Protects Your Trees From Lawnmowers – Lawnmowers can damage your trees
if they are too close but with the mats you won’t have to worry about
getting to close
Makes Your Garden Look Beautiful – These mats also make your yard look very clean, tidy, and gorgeous
Toxic-Free Chemicals – Traditional garden weed killers contain very toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you or animals.
Great for making rubber


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Suggestion:We suggest the use of a PVC saw to cut or trim the mulch mat because of the thicker material. Most PVC saws will efficiently cut thru the material as needed


  • Contains at least 80% recycled tire rubber
  • Virtually halt weed growth
  • Allow water and nutrients to pass through mat
  • Acts like mulch but without the hassle
  • Yes, this material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife-for instance if you want to lay the mat then penetrate it a few places to put in flowers or shrubs it’s a great solution
  • Material should last 5 years with good care
  • Weighs 60 lbs and is 1 inch thick

This product is oversized so the shipping cost can be larger than we’d like. We will contact you with the best shipping cost we can find after your order is placed.

Why do you need this product?
Do you have an area of your yard that will not drain?
Do you have an area of the yard that will not grow grass?
This product will help you

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