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Hydromaid Water Powered Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

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April 2022: Folks sorry we no longer have any inventory and the unit is not being made at this time. The concept is a great one and the  Hydromaid unit has helped a lot of folks. We have spoken to a few companies about trying to restart manufacture but so far no luck. Til then guess you will need to replace this with an electric powered unit.

Why Hydromaid? No electric No scare of damaged utensils Less scare of hurting yourself The unit is powered by water only yes no electricity needed. Read a very honest review in our Reviews tab. Read a very honest statement on the Hydromaid company in our Additional Info tab.

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Why is the Hydromaid Food Waste disposer safer than an electric food waste disposer?

Common water pressure drives the cutters and gear drive system back and
forth shearing food waste(It’s manufactured from advanced structural
plastics and precision stainless steel).  The mechanism moves slowly but deliberately so items that are mistakenly thrown in to the device usually will be allowed to be retrieved with minimal damage

The Hydromaid disposal is a functional non-electric alternative to traditional electric powered sink waste disposers.

It’s Revolutionary Design harnesses water flow and pressure for power while using comparable amounts of water as an electric disposal.

What used to go down the drain as waste water becomes a remarkable new source of energy.

This model may be safer than traditional electric models since the gears
will only lightly disfigure tableware and will not attempt to destroy
it as most disposals do.

Let’s be frank about a few things with the Hydromaid

Please see the Additional Information tab of this product for some interesting info on this item



1 review for Hydromaid Water Powered Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

  1. Ron Moss

    04-04-2020. I have had a Hydromaid in use for about 15 years. While I am quite satisfied with the product, I have learned some things about it. 1 – the control valve provided was very difficult to position due to the stiffness of the hose. The valve was hard to turn and took several turns to open or close. The problem was solved by using a solenoid valve with a control switch instead of the provided valve. A water hammer arrestor was placed nearby to reduce the shock generated by the sudden closure. 2 – Some of the original literature exaggerated capabilities. (They did not exaggerate how quiet it is.) It will not grind bones. It will damage tableware. It will not grind ScotchBright scrubbing pads. Citrus rinds should be cut down, otherwise they do not reach the cutter. 3 – Bottle caps and other small hard items will jamb, but not damage the cutters. Turn off the disposer, then a medium hand (or small) can find the piece and remove it. The unit sounds are short when it is jammed. 4 – Fibrous vegetables such as artichokes and celery (plastic bags or pieces of plastic) can hang on the cutters and stop-up the flow. 5 – After 15 years of use ours became very sluggish to drain. I removed the unit and disassembled it and found that fats had combined with fibrous debris, plastic bags into a gaggy goo that closed up spaces needed to drain. I thoroughly cleaned every part using needle-nose pliers, brushes, drain cleaner (Drano type), detergent, and scrubbing. Once it was cleaned, I was pleased to see very little wear. After reassembly and re-installation the unit worked like new.

    • Evana Rivera

      Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate your honest opinion. We look forward to providing you with any other water saving needs such as aerators or shower heads in the future.

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Weighs 9.5 pounds
Model HM-302
Continuous Feed – Deck Mounted Control
Hydro Piston develops up to 1 HP of Torque
Drain connection: Std 1 1/2″

You must have 40psi water pressure to your home to properly power the unit
You need 11 inches under cabinet from the sink bottom to the middle of the drain trap at the wall
New construction installation may require a vacuum breaker


Owner’s Manual upon request at

An update on the Hydromaid unit in 2020

Folks this product is no longer in manufacture The inventory we ship from was purchased by a key executive of the former company and is in perfect shape and brand new. This gent is quite knowledgeable about the product since he was there from day 1 so he can troubleshoot any ? you may have although we have provided a lot of data on these product pages if you study it. This gent lubricates all important seals before shipping. The product works just fine and we think you will be happy with it’s features.

We sadly find some plumbers to be skeptical since they have installed electric powered food waste disposers their entire career. Plumbers are great smart folks and buy a lot of our other products but they tend to like items and installs they are familiar with. The instruction manual will be a piece of cake for any plumber to peruse and follow. We will gladly answer any question they may have-just reach out. Please go to the reviews on this item. A gent called and offered to write a review of his experience with Hydromaid. He did a great job of offering the pros and cons of the models(BTW electric waste disposers have pros and cons too. We know we’ve had them on occasion)

Hopes this honesty on this product helps you make the correct purchasing decision


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