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Luxury Water Saving Showerhead 1.5GPM Chrome


It’s hard to find water saving and luxury in a low flow shower head. This 1.5 GPM head provides a great look, quality, and water saving as well. Gotta nice job like redoing an apartment complex in water stressed areas Give us a buzz and we’ll treat you right on this very nice head

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Now you can have Elegance and Save Water with this good looking water saving shower head

This Low Flow 1.5 GPM(gallon per minute) shower head from Niagara/AM Conservation provides Luxury, Quality, and Water Saving benefits. The Single spray function offers a wide spray coverage.

Its Chrome plated zinc body with chrome plated brass ball joint will provide a lifetime of use and makes this a great product for hotels and institution use. Plus, with Niagara’s patented pressure compensator you are assured of a constant output of water regardless of pressure.

This item is great for the homeowner or the owner of a hotel or apartment or adult care facility.

How to replace a showerhead
Items you will need:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Slip-joint
  • New Showerhead
  • Teflon Tape
  • Electrical Tape

1. Detach the old showerhead

a. Turn the current showerhead counter-clock wise with your hand to remove it.
i.If completed, go to step two.
b. If not, locate your slip-joint pliers and wrap its lips with electrical tape (or a hand towel around the arm of the shower to protect the color/finish from damage). This step is to get a better grip.
c. Grip the arm of the shower with the pliers.
d. Locate your adjustable wrench and begin to slacken and unscrew the old showerhead.
e. Dust off any rust or mineral deposits from prior showerhead.

2. Wrap the threads

a. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads or the arm of the shower two to three times (for security) in a clockwise direction.

3. Installing a new showerhead

a. Screw the replacement showerhead in a clockwise motion tightly onto the shower arm
b. Turn on your shower faucet and review your new showerhead for any inconsistencies or leaks.
c. If there are any leaks, re-wrap the area with more Teflon tape and re-tighten with an adjustable wrench until leaks stop.


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-Single spray function, wide spray coverage, adjustable angle
-Chrome plated zinc body with chrome plated brass ball joint
-Flow Rate @ High PSI: 1.5 GPM
-Flow Rate @ Low PSI: 1.1 GPM
-Adjustable Angle: Yes
-Head Diameter: 2-3/8″
-Type of Control: Pressure Compensator (1.5 GPM/5.7 LPM Max) Minimum flow rate of 45 psi: 1.13 GPM/4.3 LPM 2-3/8″ Head Nozzle Quantity: 46
-Mounting Type: Fixed Mount
-Flow Rate 1.5 GPM

Are you a Multi family property or Hotel owner? This shower head allows you to offer an upgrade to the bathroom and still lower your water bill.