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Reusable Storm Window Weatherization Kit Deluxe 36″x62″


Window Weatherization Kit–Easy to install and lowers your electric or gas bill immediately. Creates a crystal-clear thermal barrier around windows that
seals out drafts 100%! Pure, long-life PVC channel – indoor/outdoor. 10 pk pricing available email us if interest please



Bulk Heat Shrink Film Window Insulation Weatherization Deluxe Kits:  AME1503DP (52 Shrink Fit Window Kits) Each kit covers up to five 36″x62″ Windows. Kits contain one 62″x210″ sheet of shrink film, one 90′ roll of double-sided adhesive tape. Seals windows airtight, eliminates condensation, cold drafts, and heat loss. Heat Shrink Film Window Insulation Weatherization Kit gives you the benefits of an insulated window without the expense of retrofitting insulation and replacing drafty windows. This popular, easy-to-use Heat Shrink Film Window Insulation Weatherization Kit contains plastic shrink film and two-way tape to insulate and weatherize average size windows. Tape securely holds the plastic film used in the Heat Shrink Film Window Insulation Weatherization Kit in place. Hair dryer shrinks plastic film to form smooth, tight, clear-as-glass inside storm window that insulates. AM Conservation Group specializes in weatherization products which promote energy conservation and energy efficiency. Bulk Heat Shrink Film Window Insulation Weatherization Kits:  AME1503DP


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To install plastic window insulation kits:

  1. Clean the surfaces on the window casing.
  2. Apply double-sided tape to the window casing around the perimeter of the inside of the window.
  3. Remove the paper backing on the tape.
  4. Spread out the sheet of plastic and attach it to the tape with as few wrinkles as possible.
  5. Use the heat from a hair blow dryer to shrink the plastic for a tight fit.

Courtesy of Danny Lipford

Bulk Reusable Storm Window Deluxe Kits,32″ x 62″ with channel frame:  Reusable Storm Window Insulation Kits. These kits contain everything needed to make windows up to 99% airtight. The perfect answer to reducing heating bills, energy conservation, and stopping chilling drafts. Each kit contains self-adhesive window channel frame which locks the four mill PVC clear film in place. Easy to install on regular windows, picture windows, patio doors, and vents. No special tools needed. Installs in minutes. This weatherization product is great for energy efficiency and energy conservation. Bulk Reusable Storm Window Kits, 32″ x 62″ with channel frame