Quick Green Update by Conservastore Week Ending 5.10.20

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Quick Green Update
Our Quick Green Update for you this week








Get a Quick Green Update of Whats Happening in the world of Sustainability, Green Energy, and Green Finance as well as what we’re doing here at the Conserv-A-Store.

What Happened in Green News this Week?

Guess 90% of the news is about the Covid 19 break out of most of 2020 so far.

We hope you all are safe and can practice as much of your normal life as possible.

There has been a line of reasoning that perhaps Climate Change is a contributor to the outbreak.

This is the tease headline from an article in Pro Publica

“A catastrophic loss in biodiversity, reckless destruction of wildland and warming temperatures have allowed disease to explode. Ignoring the connection between climate change and pandemics would be “dangerous delusion,” one scientist said.”

Here’s the balance of the article

We believe that man must continue to grow his Earth footprint to survive but a more responsible population growth around the world often times in areas that are the poorest and a slow transition to a sustainable Circular Economy will lessen the need to clear cut habitat to get the building blocks of the human economy


What Happened at Conservastore this week?

We are actively working on our 72″ recycled rubber tree ring. It’s gonna be really nice and will hopefully help those of you with large diameter trees. It will have a 12″ center cut and our normal puzzle style diameter cut for placing around the tree trunk. We’ve got a waiting list of those with interest so send us an email if you want to be added. Should have images in about a week and sell able product in 2 weeks. It will be a monster so it will need 2 folks to handle it and the freight could be a bit high since we’ll need to build a special pallet to ship it.


What Happened with Green Stocks Bonds and Investments this week?

If you have not you may consider viewing or even signing up for Bloomberg Green. It is a compilation of articles about Green Energy in the world. It is very exhaustive and suggests what companies are doing to profit off a Greener world.

The stock market just seems out of touch with reality so unless you are heavily invested and or an expert at contrarian security modalities we will probably only be speaking about companies until things approach more normality

Here’s an article on Wind Turbine Blades being made out of wood which apparently has less carbon footprint than the steel currently used

Folks we’re not investment advisors–just want that out there TY


Thought for the upcoming week:

Think the one I heard a patron say at our bank is,

“When was the last time you could go into a bank with a mask on”



See you next week and please send us things you like and feel others may as well

The Conservastore Team

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