Quick Green Update by Conservastore Week Ending 5.3.20

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Quick Green Update
Our Quick Green Update for you this week









This is our first post since early in March ’20.

Guess that’s when most or our lives began to change due to the shut down of your local coffee shop or brassiere or needing to follow arrows in the grocery store or being unable to get toilet paper or watching the gas prices drop to nothing or getting to know your family again(maybe more than you wanted) or valuing going to walk the dog like it was an early Christmas present or missing your favorite sporting competition either in person or at the sports bar or in the luxury of your own home or most importantly maybe being unable to make a wage that would feed you and your family or perhaps learning more about Virology than you had ever wanted to or seeing the stock market drop to unbelievably low levels or hearing it seems the frank but always a bit negative news accounts of the end of the world

To those of you who had family’s that lost a person to Covid we are very very sorry for you!! For gosh sakes it was most likely not your fault at all since although science was well versed in Corona viruses the society was not ready for it’s assault one bit.

To the rest of us let’s hope that this will be a V and not a W recovery for us all

We do feel in many ways a more sustainable Green economy just seems to make sense in these crazy times. The more our economy and society is based on a self reliance that Green energy and lifestyles offer the easier it will be for us all to get through Covid or whatever the next Earth changing event may be. We know a Green economy will certainly help arrest Climate Change which some articles have attributed the non human to human transmission of Covid to.

Next week we will return to our usual Quick Green Update format. We’ve archived enough articles in the past 6 weeks to carry us through the rest of 2020

Godspeed to us all !!


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