Quick Green Topics Update Week ending 1.24.21

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Get a Quick Green Update of Whats Happening in the world of Sustainability, Green Energy, Climate Change prevention, and Green Finance as well as what we’re doing here at the Conserv-A-Store.

Quick Green Update
Our Quick Green Topics Update for you this week



What Happened in Green News this Week?

Perhaps the most important Green News is the rejoining of the Paris Climate Initiative by the new Biden Administration

In case you forgot or do not follow Climate News here’s a short precis on the Paris Climate Accord


What Happened at Conservastore this week?

We love water saving and would be glad to help you on your own personal water saving journey

Just send us a few particulars about your water bill and we’ll suggest some ways you can cut your water expense by up to 20%..Live in an apartment? Get us in contact with the apartment management group and we’ll give them some ideas to save water for the entire complex. A very small investment can save them big

What Happened with Green Stocks Bonds and Investments this week?

The stock market continues to perhaps be in the midst of a bubble powered by the very low interest rate environment of the world central banks to keep economies out of recession during the pandemic

But with Biden getting elected the writing is on the wall that sustainable investment should be good bets over the next few years as the world attempts to get farther from oil and gas.

Here are some suggestions from the Motley Fool on Sustainable Investing for 2021

Folks we are absolutely not investment advisors–just throwing that out there TY

Thought for the upcoming week:

As the vaccine becomes more readily available we can see a time perhaps by July 4th when things will be a bit more like they were at the end of 2019 as far as our freedom is concerned. We’ve all learned a lot and the gigantic death total is soooo sad. Let’s hope we’ll be more prepared the next time but it will require spending  and Democracy is better at disaster relief than prevention


See you next week and please send us things you like and feel others may as well and we’ll add them to this bulletin

The Conservastore Team

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