Solar Energy Products

Solar Lighting Supplies - Energy Saving Solar Supplies

The solar section of Conserv-A-Store provides you with an alternative energy solution to everyday products. They harness the power of the sun to power many electronic devices reducing your electricity cost to zero for many of these items. Also located on our site are free solar energy saving tips.

Solar Lights
We offer a wide array of solar lighting from solar lights, solar yard lights, solar flood lights, solar garden spotlights, solar motion detecting lights by Alpan, solar pagoda lights by Brinkmann, and solar globe lights. We offer solar-powered house number lights or solar address lights. The solar globe lights changes through multiple colors. They will float in fresh water and are perfect for highlighting your backyard pond. We have a solar-powered flashlight.

We offer solar outdoor flood lights, which are powered by panels made by Shell Solar. For nighttime security, the slightest movement triggers the sensor light, which remains on for 1 minute. This solar outdoor flood light mounts on your roof eaves or walls and comes with a 14ft cord. Light those electric inaccessible areas of your yard.

Solar Signs
We are proud to offer custom solar solutions for a variety of commercial and residential demands. We offer custom solar lighting, solar sign lighting, solar sign lighting for community signage or remote commercial signage. We offer remote solar home power systems. If you have an area that needs electric but you cannot access electric service then we can design a solar electric system for you.

Solar Toys
We feature solar toys and solar learning for your kids. We offer a Solar Energy Learning Kit. We also offer a Solar Powered Race Car Book. Solar Worms and Solar Bugs are also available.

Solar Accessories
With the solar powered battery charger by Sun-mate we offer, you can now recharge your Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries anywhere. Our Solar Car Battery Charger prevents no-starts on cars used infrequently. This device works by converting the sun's energy into 12 Volt DC current. It is ideal for maintaining battery function if a vehicle is to remain unused for an extended period. For larger uses we have a solar battery charger for 12Volt DC batteries that produces 400 milliamps.

Solar Bags
We carry a number of Solar Bags from Voltaic. The Solar Backpack Bag is designed for weekend hikes or to carry computers. The Solar Converter Bag is the smallest and most versatile charger. The Solar Messenger Bag is designed to carry a laptop. The Solar Generator Laptop Bag is the first ever bag designed to charge a laptop.

Solar Fountains
Our newest solar section consists of Solar Fountains.

Solar Water Heating
A solar water heater can help save money and will allow you to supply energy to the house independent of your local utility company.

Remember all solar devices and solar lights work best where they receive adequate sunlight regularly.