Solar Thermal Heating Questionnaire
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Please provide the following information so we may properly size this solar water heating device and you will have a positive experience with this product.

Please kindly call us anytime at phone number (407) 898-2284 if you need any guidance in completing the information.

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Personal Information
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Location of Install Contact Information
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Do you get evening temps below 32degrees F or frosts more than 7 days per year?
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Number of Fixtures
Number of fixtures requiring hot water in the home. Include washing machines, dishwashers, all faucets, tub and showers, any fixtures requiring hot water.

Residence Information
Number of people in the residence who consistently use hot water daily?
How many are small children?
How many in the residence take baths?

Current Hot Water Heater
Is your current hot water heater gas or electric?
model #
approximate age

gallonage of your current water heater

Do you feel your existing hot water heater is adequate to re-use for this solar installation?

Type of Roof
How old is the roof?
Do you feel your roof can handle 75lbs of distributed weight?
Does a significant portion of the roof point south?
Yes No
What color are your shingles?

System Install
Who will do the system install? (In many instances a licensed professional is required to get all rebate monies)
Have you gone to DSIRE to determine what rebates and tax incentives exist in your area and how to access these rebates on Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems. (For the IRS tax incentives we suggest you consult a tax accounting professional).
Yes No

Heating Cost
What do you project you spend on hot water heating costs monthly? Example for many households around 20% of the monthly electric utility bill is for water heating?
What is your expected break-even period on this investment i.e. how long do you expect it to take to pay back the labor and material cost of the system investment?

Thanks for completing the questionnaire. We will contact you soon to help you complete the purchase of your SolarRoofs Solar Water Heater.