Low Flow Sink Faucet Aerators

The easiest way to begin Water Saving is to change out the faucet aerator on your Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets to a water saving low flow kitchen or bathroom faucet aerator. The faucet aerator can save money and time instantly!


Low Flow Sink Faucet Aerators



What is a low flow faucet aerator and why have it at all?

The low flow faucet aerator is the small screwed fitting at the end of the faucet spout. In slang it’s often called the water saving “thingy on the end of the faucet”. The aerator will almost always come installed on a new kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet. The aerator does a few things:
1. Aerate or mix the air and water spray mixture of the water flow a bit to keep it more consistent by the introduction of air into the flow 2. It does remove a bit of debris since there is a plate with small holes in the body that allows minor filtration
3. Most importantly certain low flow faucet aerators are able to reduce water flow w/o compromising performance. Standard Water usage by a Low Flow Faucet Aerator generally come from the factory on the faucet in a 2.2 gallons per minute (or GPM) configuration. This means 2.2 gallons of water will flow through the aerator every minute the faucet is on. So if you leave the bath faucet on for 5 minutes while preparing your face and teeth in the am that’s a usage of 11 gallons per use or 4015 gallons per year with water costing on average .006 cents/gal that’s $25. If you have a partner and kids guess the price is closer to $100 per year for this morning ritual only.Save a lotta water and a lotta money with a low flow water saving faucet aerator!! 

The easiest way to begin water savings is to change out the low flow faucet aerator in your kitchen and bathroom faucets to a very low flow aerator such as 1.0 GPM , 0.5 GPM , or for extreme savings to a Ultra Low Flow 0.35 GPM aerator. Remember GPM means Gallons Per Minute of flow. Compared to the example above of the cost of water to a bath faucet with a 2.2 gpm aerator, you may enjoy a savings of over 50% cutting the cost of water at the faucet for your morning ritual for the year to $13 with a Conserv-A-Store 1.0 gpm water saving faucet aerator.

Do Water Saving Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerators actually work? Any Good?

Some folks have trepidation that they will get a big reduction in water flow with a ultra low flow faucet aerator but generally no compromise is noticed by users. The .35 GPM can be a bit more directed at an institutional solution but the 1.0 GPM and .5 GPM models do not cause squeaking from customers cause we’ve sold quite a few and have never heard it Lowest flow water saving faucet aerators are of three gallon per minute (gpm) configurations: 1.0 GPM 0.5 GPM .35 GPM Click here to see our entire list of low flow faucet aerators.
Conserv-A-Store Faucet Aerators 

How hard is it to switch out an old faucet aerator to a new low flow faucet aerator?

It’s not hard at all to install a low flow faucet aerator in less than 5 minutes in your home today. It’s EASY! In quick words: how to install a low flow faucet aerator onto your existing faucet aerators are easy to install by simple terms. You simply screw off the old aerator and place the new one on. You may need pliers if the old aerator has been on the faucet for a few years. Make sure you use a towel on the faucet spout to protect it from scratching by tools when making the change. If your faucet is very old it may be smart to purchase a new faucet and then switch out the aerator. Most of our water saving aerators fit the newest faucets made.

The 0.35 GPM Aerator

Lowest Flow Water Saving Faucet Aerators come generally in these gallons per minute (GPM) configurations:

The 1.0 GPM Aerator 

The 0.5 GPM Aerator

The 0.35 GPM Aerator 


You can also choose the spray stream:

Laminar Pure Stream
Laminar Pure Stream straighteners produce a non-aerated water stream. This is ideal for high flow applications or health care facilities where there is no mix of air and water and there is a high demand of constant flowing water. Our Conserv A Store suites offers aerators of this type to deliver crystal clear and non splashing streams. 

Aerated Comfort Stream
Low Flow Faucet Aerators that introduce air into the water stream to product a larger and whiter stream that is soft to the touch and non-splashing. These aerators are the usual choice for residential faucet applications. 
Spray Low Flow Faucet Aerator Stream
When the flow rate is too low to produce an aerated or laminar stream, a spray device is used to product a miniature shower pattern to provide a full coverage of the hands during washing. This stream sprays are recommended for use in public lavatories and public area. 
Rain Stream Spray
NeoPearl, in connection with Conserv A Store offers a special washing experience through the rain stream spray. Numerous little nozzles join forces to product an extensive, abundant, and pleasantly effervescent stream of water – it’s comparable to a shower sensation but for your hands. This type best fits in home, and high class dinner places.
Mikado Stream Spray
The unique Mikado Stream unlike any other turns the water into an eye catcher when washing your hands. It’s an extraordinary grid like spray pattern formed by individual water jets that produces a clear and delicate pattern in an harmonious design. It is truly a pleasure to see and use. 

Interested in the entire suite of aerators? see them here at Conserv-A-Store.com

See the videos below for steps to switch out your aerators

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to install a faucet aerator:

1. Completely turn off the water supply to the kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet of your choice. You can easily just turn the faucet handles in the close position.

2. Unscrew the low flow faucet aerator by turning it counter-clockwise. If you are concerned about your faucet being scratched by you using a wrench (if needed), protect it with masking tape or a cloth/rag. Be sure to clean the treads of the low flow faucet aerators with a clean cloth.

3. If your old faucet aerator does not unscrew, consider buying in a new low flow faucet. You will most likely still be able to use a 0.5, 1.0,or 1.5 gpm (gallon per minute) aerator on the new faucet since most faucets do not come with this low of a flow out of the box. You will soon make up the cost of the new faucet with savings on your water bill.

4. Twist the new aerator clockwise into place. Avoid using a wrench that could scratch the new aerator and faucet.

Male versus Female Faucet Thread. The Difference? 

Funny how plumbing wants to introduce man and woman into it’s lexicon The threads for the male faucet are on the outside of the low flow faucet aerator where as the female faucet threads are on the inside of the faucet aerator. Dual thread aerators have male and female on the same aerator. Their sizes are as follows: The United States uses different thread sizes: 15/16″-27 for standard sized male aerators and 55/64″-27 for standard females sized threads.


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Thanks for putting your trust in Conserv A Store to teach you a bit about Low Flow Sink Faucet Aerators. They are really simple but important water saving devices and can save you a boatload of money especially if you install the very lowest flow models. Should you ever have any questions about aerators, reach out to us via info@conservastore.com and we’ll help you with more tips and tricks for your home. We’re always here to help! low flo