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Energy saving kits to help you cut down your electricity bill & conserve energy.
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Basic Electric Energy Saving Kit Solar Power Connection Cable Kit Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Beginner Kit
Just getting started saving energy? Try this energy saving kit! The solar panel cables all have negative and positive battery clamps, LED charge indicators, and 12V adapters. This is an easy to use and very handy kit to have in your solar collection and be environmentally friendly in your everyday.
This Beginner Series Water and Energy Saving Kit gets those who have promised to try and save on their water and power bill to actually take the first step
Sav-Eco Kitchen and Bath Conservation Starter Kit Electric Green House Energy Saving Kit Electric Energy Saving Kit
Take the first step in energy conservation today with our SavEco starter kit! Comes with two 0.5 GPM aerators, a 1.5 GPM shower head, and two 20,000 hour light bulbs. This kit gets you started on energy efficiency and comes in an adorable, reusable, completely recycled/recyclable house box! This Energy Saving kit Contains everything you need to start saving electricity!
01-0101 03-0101 Sav-Eco Long Life Light Bulb Kit
The Gas Efficiency Kit includes an Earth Showerhead, Shrinkfit Window Kit, Draft Stoppers, Kitchen Swivel Aerator, 2 Foamweather Strips, Bathroom Aerators and an Energy Wheel. Contains everything you need to start saving gaspowered energy! Packaged in our ecofriendly, reusable Green House box Light up your home without lightening your wallet with our SavEco Lighting Pack!
Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Kit - Intermediate Sav-Eco Energy Conservation Kit - Light Bulb Intermediate
We consider this an intermediate level Sav-Eco kit since it shows a pretty strong commitment to water and energy saving by the user This Sav-Eco Energy Conservation Kit - Light Bulb Intermediate gives you a good selection of light bulbs so you will not be buying bulbs for quite some time. It offers energy saving great light output as well