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Water is one of our most important resources and the cost of water is becoming more expensive for human consumption each day. The Water Saving & Conservation section of Conserv-A-Store offers you items that will save you water and will decrease your water expense. Also located on our site are free water saving tips.

Low Flow Aerators
Low Flow Aerators range from 0.5 GPM1.0 GPM 1.5 GPM. We also have Aerators with an on/off switch &aerators with a swivel attached to it.

Water Saving Kits
Water Saving Kits include all the water saving products you need but at a more economical price than purchasing the items individually. Water saving kits are great gifts for friends and family.


Hands Free Faucets
Electronic and hands free faucets are an item every family should consider. Although a bit higher in cost than traditional faucets, they offer the payback of less water consumed and they enhance the personal hygiene of your kids. We carry numerous models by Sloan and Zurn.

We offer the, Tapmaster, & Euro Tapmaster valves that operate the kitchen sink faucet with pressure from your knee or foot. These are available in designer colors and are perfect for the lady that does a lot of cooking. Dentists and Doctors recommend the Tapmaster for their offices.


Water Powered Garbage Disposer
The Hydromaid garbage disposer operates solely on water pressure and is not powered by electricity. It is also much safer than a traditional food waste disposer due to its gear action.


Low Flow Showerheads
We offer numerous showerhead products with gallons per minute or GPM from Niagara Conservation and others. The 1.5 GPM low flow showerhead is available in White or Chrome. The 1.25 GPM Low Flow Showerhead is available in white, chrome, & with a Soak & Soap On/Off Switch. The 1.5 GPM Low Flow Showerhead Handheld in Chrome.


Water Heaters
Every home should consider an instantaneous water heater to save on power and water bills. These water heaters can heat water for a single fixture or an entire house. The Laing Autocirc Under sink Automatic Instant Hot Water Delivery System pump allows you to have instantaneous hot water at all the plumbing fixtures in your home.


Drain Removers
We carry a Heavy Duty Liquid Build Up Remover, which is a natural way to clean your drains. This is a bio-enzymatic formulation that liquefies, digests, and removes organic deposits from slow running drains. A powered version is also available at request.


Low flow Toilets

Conserv A Store offers The ProFlo 1.0 GPF(gallon per flush) Sloan Valve Pressure Assist HET Toilet which is perfect for the homeowner, a convenience store, a condo or apt project. Anywhere water saving makes sense. the lowest Gallons Per Flush on the market at an amazing 1.0 GPF rate. The 1.0 GPF One-Piece Comfort Height Elongated Toilets are perfect for small restaurants or offices to cut water costs in the men’s room. The Caryle II 1G + Washlet S300e One Piece Toilet 1.0 GPF by TOTO is an elegant and design intensive to please even the toughest crowds. Elongated for comfort and beautifully sleep with a one piece design.