Electrical Energy Saving products including switches, timers and motion sensors. Our catalog features long lasting flood lights, bug light bulbs, photocell and light sensitive electric switches or timers.

The Energy Saving, Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency section of Conserv-A-Store is designed to save the consumer and business owner on their utility and electric costs in the business or home.. Furthermore, we offer free energy saving tips that give simple techniques to help you reduce your electric bill today! Alternatively, for a full list of our energy saving products and devices please see our energy saving products page. Certainly, focus on some of our best selling energy management products for ways to save electricity and energy.

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Long Life Incandescent Bulbs

We feature a wide selection of long-lasting, long-life, and long-duration light bulbs. As a result we sell 20,000 hour long life light bulbs in full spectrum or daylight models and standard A19 styles by Aerotech. Because these long lasting incandescent light bulbs contain a light bulb filament that is ten times more durable than ordinary filaments, they will be the ultimate saver of energy.

Surprisingly, Full spectrum or natural lighting gives you the closest thing to natural sunlight or daylight in the home. Almost all studies have shown that reading is easier with daylight lighting. 20,000 hrs of life give our light bulbs up to ten times more life than normal bulbs and are great for exterior flood bulbs that can be hard to replace.

We offer the following sizes and wattages in the Aerotech 20,000 hour bulbs: 
25 watt Yellow Bug lights
60 watt, 100 watt, clear and frosted incandescent bulbs

Also, very long life 9,000 hour chandelier bulbs in clear and frosted with straight or bent tip:
25 watt, 40 watt and 60 watt
65 Watt Indoor
75 watt indoor and outdoor flood bulbs
150 watt indoor/outdoor flood bulbs

LED light bulbs are the future in energy saving technology of long life light bulbs since they are power savers but last up to 50,000 hours. We carry all you need in LED bulbs from the powerful PAR 38 spot to the versatile household lamp and the small flood PAR 30
LED Lights

We carry motion sensor, photocell, photo-sensitive, and light sensor electric switches and electric timers by Leviton, Intermatic, and Amertac. Wall switch occupancy sensors, using Passive IR Technology, help reduce lighting costs by automatically turning room, office, or closet lights on when a person enters, and off after the space is unoccupied. These energy saving devices save energy & power.

Lighting Controls

We have plug in, screw in, and mountable light controls for many uses. We have lamp and appliance timers and spring wound timers and wall switch timers and toggle time delay switches by Intermatic and electronic timers by Leviton that allow you to set appliances and loads to come on at one time and off at another.

We carry light bulb dimmer switches. Dimming does save energy and can extend bulb life up to 35 times that of a full bright bulb available for purchase at Conserv-A-Store.
We also carry Water Heater Timers- please request via email at

Energy Saving Kits
Energy saving kits to help you cut down your electricity bill & conserve energy.

We offer accessories for DC adaptation. The Battery Clip Cigarette Lighter Adapter runs 12 volt appliances through the car battery terminals; the Cigarette Lighter Extensioncable extends the range of your 12 volt auto cigarette lighter; the car-to-car charging cable allows you to start a dead car battery; the Vehicle Socket Multiplier expands your cigarette lighter plug to accept 3 DC appliances. 

Weatherization products will help you conserve energy and lower your electricity bill.