Tree Ring Mulch Mats Made of Recycled Goods
Tree Ring Mulch Mats are made from at least 80% recycled tire rubber. They virtually halt weed growth, allow water and nutrients to pass through mat without the hassle of loose mulch

Tree Ring Mulch Mats Made of Recycled Tire Rubber

(Various Sizes Available)

Tree Ring Mulch Mats of Recycled Tire Product are helpful since they offer the user the flexibility of a landscaping solution that is easy but permanent. There are two types of base material that are used depending on how the used tire product is processed. There is a lighter weave and weight or 6/16 product and a heavier weave and weight or Plus 4 product. Which version you use depends on your budget and the position of the tree ring. If the area of ring placement is not to be bothered much by lawn equipment or pedestrian traffic then the lighter weave should get you fine. If the area has extreme abuse by mowers, trimmers, and folks sitting or walking near the trees. You’ll want the heavier weave. There are a few color options but Brown or Rainbow color are the most popular. Special order opportunities are available for a Black, Red, or Yellow colors. Please make sure you measure the diameter of your trees before you choose the ring you want, and make an educated guess of how much the tree diameter will expand in the upcoming years.

Considering an alternative to wood mulch for your landscaping endeavors? If so, the RTP line of rubber mulch tree rings is ideal for any suitable project. Stop weeds while retaining water permeability! Stop replacing wood mulch so frequently--these mats can last up to ten years. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, these durable, aesthetically pleasing recycled rubber tree rings are a practical addition to any landscaping project.

- Virtually halt weed growth entirely while allowing water and nutrients to pass through mat

- Performs very similar to mulch, but without the hassle--set it and forget it!

- Permeable to water, but will not wash away with heavy rain or irrigation

- Heavy-duty enough to withstand severe wind or animal abuse

- This ring is 5/8" inch thick. Also available in 1 inch. Please call for this size

- Please measure your trees before purchasing - Inside diameter for this size is 2 inches

- Yes, this material can be cut and shaped a bit with a utility knife

- Aesthetically pleasing but does not stand out

- Material should last at least five years with good care--possibly up to ten years

- Example of residential use: near lake or area that washes away easily--near large signature trees

- Example of commercial use: near fence rows or around trees that had grates that the trees outgrew, planters downtown, etc.

- Do you have a large signature oak, maple, sycamore, or other large diameter tree that you must much constantly? Consider the 60" size.

GET YOUR TREE RING NOW! Here are some choices:

48" Recycled Rubber Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern

60" Recycled Rubber Tree Ring Mat Heavy Pattern

Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats

Conserv-A-Store is proud to offer you Mulch Mats of Recycled Tires in Square and Rectangular dimensions. These are very handy products since they can help you anywhere in the home yard or commercial landscaping venues but have also been used for walkways, dog runs, anywhere that a solid permeable solution is needed. Conserv-A-Store is perhaps one of the only re-sellers of this type item in the USA. The product is designed and manufactured in the Space Coast of Florida. Brown is the easiest color to order but a Rainbow color is available as well. The base mats are very heavy and thick but a premium super heavy and thick version is also available. Please measure the size of the job you are contemplating before deciding which mat to use.


Rectangular Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat 3 ft x 20 ft

Pour-Your-Own Pour-in-Place Rubber Mulch

Conserv-A-Store offers you the opportunity for extreme flexibility with a Pour your own mulch solution. Maybe the area of interest is irregular; maybe you want to vary the thickness of the material in the area of interest; maybe you just want to do it yourself. It’s pretty easy really and we will send you a video to show you how. It’s not unlike mixing concrete. You get bags of rubber mulch and 5 gallon buckets of urethane binder. You will mix these products in a wheelbarrow or mixing box and apply the product to the area of interest. Please meure the area of interest and email or call us to quote your job. Is available in these colors: Brown, Red, Rainbow, Rustic, Yellow, and Green.


Click the Style and Size you want below:

PourYourOwn Mulch Mat for Residential Use

Pour Your Own Mulch Mat for Commercial Use

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