Are you searching for bathroom ideas and still running into a rut? In this category you should find options to redesign your bathroom. Turn that place you dread into a beautiful bathroom! With a million bathroom remodel ideas, changes can be tough to accomplish. Especially when you have a small bathroom that echos sounds- Try a noise reducing toilet and chrome showerheads to add elegance and a contemporary bathroom feel to your space. A water saving bathroom can do big things on the appeal of your bathroom as well as your pocket! Expand the walls beyond what you think a small bathroom design normally is with new upgrades. Modern and small bathrooms are hard to come by so when you redesign your bathroom make sure you include the most effective and eco-friendly additions that can save water and money. You’ll be using them anyway; why not have them getting the best bang for your buck! 

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ACL-7W Frosted or Clear Shatter Resistant Long Lasting LED Bulb
ACL-7W Frosted or Clear Shatter Resistant Long Lasting LED Bulb
This Shatter Resistant Clear or Frosted 9 Watt Bulb will last for over 30,000 hours. This LED bulb can be dropped and not damaged which is great for a home with children and/or a real estate agent that needs to keep bulbs on the go. The Anti Glare guard will not blind your eyes but keep burning bright in the night and day for years to come.
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A washroom can be just that, where you wash and go, but we at Conserv A Store want you to enjoy your bathroom. A recent poll revealed that using the toilet in your bathroom accounts for the biggest time we spend in the bathroom; on average one hour and forty five minutes a week and 92 days over your lifetime is spent in the bathroom not even including showering, brushing your teeth, or other things we do in the bathroom. Why not make your bathroom the BEST bathroom is can be. Master bathroom ideas can still exist in a small redesign bathroom. Check out the video below on how to make a small space feel larger with simple redesigns and other tips and tricks. Sometimes a bathroom needs more care than other rooms but once it’s finished you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be worth the hassle. Make your bathroom the best bathroom with low flow toilets, extending showerheads, faucet aerators, and much more with your budget bathroom renovations from this category. Should you need us to help you with ideas, send us a video, picture, post, or tweet asking us for help and we’ll gladly give you some valuable pointers on bathroom ideas and turning your boring bathroom into a luxury bathroom. For more information check out our Eco Friendly Blog that talks about green living and tips for staying green in and out of the home at Reach out to us with any questions or concerns: If you happen to be in Central Florida where home is for us, we would be glad to suggest a licensed professional to install any of our products for you. The Green Solutions for Your Life