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Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775

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We ship the Tapmaster Free Shipping and Usually Next Day Air to help our Great Customers The Euro Tapmaster is a unique Hands Free Faucet with a Brushed Nickel finish Euro probe foot activator. It is perfect for the homeowner that loves to cook. The foot probe is so easy your stocking feet are all that’s needed to activate it. Please look at the videos and blogs we’ve provided you for further study before you purchase. For the installer the medical or dental facility or the high end GC, we offer Great Discounts on 10pc or more orders. Please see the shop cart at check out.


Made in Canada  

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How Tapmaster 1775 Compares to other Hands Free Faucets

In comparison to other similar touchless models available such as the Chicago Faucet Pedal Valve and T&S Hands Free Faucet for commercial use and the Moen, Delta, and Kohler touchless faucets for residential use, Tapmaster users tend to find the model 1775 superior and easier to use and install. Hands free under the counter operation gives the user open use of their hands to do important cooking for residential matters and hand cleaning for commercial instances.

You enjoy Free Shipping on this Product unlike some competitors who charge for shipping-We usually ship this item Next Day Air UPS at our expense. You are welcome to let us know when your install date will be so we can try to accommodate

The Tapmaster Model 1775 Euro locking foot activator provides an exciting way to activate your faucet.

Its unique soft rubber multi-directional activator is easy on your feet
and easy to use no matter from what angle you are approaching your sink.
Simply press the activator in any direction to activate water flow.

In addition, the Model 1775 may be locked into the “on” position by
pushing the activator to either side until it locks. The Euro activator
requires a very light touch making it well suited to use with bare feet.

However its durable design makes it equally well suited to commercial,
dental and medical settings where ease of use and hygiene is of the
utmost concern.

Because of the locking feature, this model is at home in situations
where continuous water flow is required such as in a home kitchen.

Kindly view the videos below we offer to better familiarize yourself with the product

For your convenience and so you will choose us for your Tapmaster needs:

We prefer to ship to you NEXT DAY UPS at our expense for delivery before 11AM your local time on weekdays only in the lower 48.

For our Best Plumbing, Cabinet, and Medical/Dental Installation companies, we now offer extreme discount pricing for quantities of 10 pcs and 15 pcs or more on the Tapmaster 1775 model. See the pull down pricing when you access our sho cart Thanks for using Tapmaster!


How to Install a Tapmaster:


Benefits of Owning a Tapmaster


Tapmaster:How it Works






2 reviews for Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775

  1. Christine K (verified owner)

    As touted by all the experts on Gardenweb the Tapmaster perfoms just as described. I had been tempted to get a hands free electronic/ battery operated faucet, but in the long run this was more economical and flexible. My electrician advised against the electric faucets. I like that the Tapmaster is intuitive and hassle free. My plumber hadn’t installed one in the past, but was able to work with illustrated instructions with no problems.

  2. Henry Hunter (verified owner)

    This is the third Tapmaster I’ve purchased for various kitchens. Once you’ve had a Tapmaster, you’ll always want one.

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Housing – nickel plated brass
Mechanism – stainless steel and delrin
Foot probe – durable polyurethane

How it works:
– Activation in any direction
– Can lock in place
– This model can be a bit tight at outset but will loosen over time

You will most likely need the following tools for the install:
– A power drill(and possibly hole saw depending on the model)
– Pliers
– A small wrench
– A multi tip screwdriver
– A small spot light for under the sink illumination


The Model 1775 Euro is purposely a bit tight when it ships from the factory, but it has been lubricated
To loosen it a bit place probe on rod. Use your foot with shoes onto move it a few times – perhaps as many as 20 times.
Due to your cabinet size, you may need to cut the probe attachments on occasion. If you must cut the probe shorter than 4 inches, you may encounter issues moving the probe rod satisfactorily.
We know you made an investment in this product and you want it to work correctly so if you encounter problems please call Conserv-A-Store and ask for James at 407-898-2284 or call Tapmaster and ask for Laura at 800-791-8117 for further trouble shooting.

“Can I install the Tapmaster on my own without a plumber?”
The answer is that really depends on your level of expertise. We usually say if you know how to install a kitchen faucet then you should have no problem installing a Tapmaster. If you do choose to hire a Plumbing Professional please ask them to read the directions that come with the unit carefully.

“Should I get a model 1750 or model 1775?”
The answer is it really depends on your location. If you are a Dentist or a Medical Doctor or a Medical Facility we really suggest the 1750 since it is perhaps a bit more durable for multiple use by different personnel. If you are a famous home chef then the 1775 Euro is perhaps best since it is more decorative and is a snap to push with your toes.
There are of course many more Tapmaster models but these are the most popular currently.

Please click here for a list of our entire Tapmaster offering

The Euro Tapmaster 1775 is offered in Brushed Nickel finish only currently.

If your installer has never installed a Tapmaster unit, please ask them to take 15 minutes to flip thru the directions that come with the unit so they will install it correctly. The Tapmaster is water powered so electrical know how is not required.

Installation Instructions – Tapmaster 1775
Technical Specifications PDF Engineering Submittal – Tapmaster 1775
Need More Help? See Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

IMPORTANT: Folks this model comes fr the factory in a tight position. Factory does this to extend the life of the model. Sometimes it can be a bit too tight. If the case, you’ll need to assemble the post and turn it  a few times to loosen it up