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Conservastore carries items that make your water heating uses more productive, efficient, and Green, The Laing recirculating pumps are great for providing hot water all the time at your home taps. The Electric point-of-use water heaters are great for a location that needs a small amount of instantaneous water on occasion.
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01-0801 Laing Autocirc Undersink Instant Hot Water Circulating Pump Model e1-bcanrt1w-06 Laing ACT-4 Potable Hot Water Recirculation Pump Kit
Installing an Ariston electric minitank water heater under the sink puts hot water right where you need it at the pointofuse. Lightweight and compact this heater is available in three spacesaving Geez, Always running the water in your bathroom faucet just to get some hot. Now you'll have Hot Water ALL the time with the Laing Autocirc pump! Free Shipping on this item.
This is the Laing model e1-bcanrt1w-06
The Laing ACT-4 Recirculation Pump gives the owner a lot of features some Recirculating pumps do not such as no need for a return line to the water heater and the use of as little as 20 watts of power
Laing ACT E10 Autocirc Tankless Water Heater Recirculating Pump
The Laing ACT E10 autocirc Leadfree pump is largely for use with Tankless Water heaters. If you have a Tankless Heater and want to save even more on your water bill please consider this pump.