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Laing Circulating Pump Autocirc Undersink for Instant Hot Water


Geez, Always running the water in your bathroom faucet just to get some hot. Now you’ll have Hot Water ALL the time with the Laing Autocirc pump! Free Shipping on this item.
This is the Laing Thermotech Division of Xylem Hot Water Recirculation pump model e1-bcanrt1w-06 Position at the farthest faucet from your water heater for best results

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We are happy to offer Free Shipping on this item

The pump is installed under the sink or faucet farthest from the water heater — where hot water usually takes the longest amount of time to arrive. This is a unique detection system since many other recirc pumps are installed at the water heater. The Laing Circulating Pump is absolutely best in class!

A built-in temperature sensor automatically turns the pump on when the water temperaturein the hot water supply line cools down to 85ºF.

This cool water in the hot water supply line is then pumped into the cold water line and back into the water heater.

The pump turns off automatically when the hot water supply line, reaches 95º F ensuring the instant availability of hot water with maximum temperature hot water only seconds behind.

When the pump is automatically turned off by the built-in thermostat, an auto closure device prevents hot or cold water from mixing in either supply line.

Hot water will also be instantly available at all other faucets in the supply line between the water heater and the faucet where the pump is installed.

We are often asked “What’s the break even on my investment for a water saving product?” With this device you will save at least 17k gallons annually on water costs.

The cost of water varies so greatly around the country. In Central Fla where we are domiciled the potable water rate averages $1/ one thousand gallons but the sewer charges are closer to $25/ one thousand gallons after an initial fee is included. So if your family uses 3000 gals per month we could say the total charge for water and sewer could be between $35 and $50. That gives you a break even of about between 7 and 12 months. The rest will go right in your pocket!



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-Made by Laing Thermotech div of Xylem Water

-Formally model ACT-303-BTW
Now model e1-bcanrt1w-06 and part#LHB08100093

-14 watt input @ 115 volts

-comes complete with a 6 ft. long power cord so you will need AC electric

-requires only one pump and one installation for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line.

-has built-in fixed thermostat or an optional, adjustable thermostat.

-saves the average family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water annually.

-is silent during operation.

-has a built-in 24 hour timer which allows the selection of system operating periods to suit family usage.

-if you’re comfortable with plumbing this is an easy install-if not please call your favorite local installer

Instruction Manual