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LED Light Fixtures

LED Lighting without compromising style

LED Fixtures are nothing short of amazing and can add class and style to your room instantly. From chic to contemporary, we have them all. LED Lighting Fixtures can simply add new lighting to your setting without adding more fixtures, just updating the one you already have. These LED Fixtures that you will find in this category are unique and stylish as well as you will not find many of these in the big box chain stores that sell LED Fixtures. High end designer grade LED fixtures will amaze all your guest with something simple and modern. Consistent lighting adds more than style, but also brightening up a darker room. Feel at home and save energy when you add these Fixture additions to your renovations of your home. We want to offer items that add class and a designer feel but still make you comfortable in your unique home.
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Spa LED Light Speckled Sconce Spa LED Light Speckled Sconce

This simple and elegant Speckled LED Fixture can add a spa feel to any room. With low lighting and decorative appearance this fixture is nothing short of everything you need to set the right ambience.

Vornado Hanging LED Light Fixture Vornado Hanging LED Light Fixture

LED Fixture that is nothing short of amazing. The Chandelier LED Fixture will provide an elegant change to the entry walk way, business, or kitchen renovation

Sprawling Arms Minka George Kovacs LED Chandelier Sprawling Arms Minka George Kovacs LED Chandelier

The Six Sprawling Arms LED Chandelier by Minka George Kovacs will be nothing short of stunning. This chandelier complements the warm undertones of cabinetry and counter finishes that will add depth and design that you want to accomplish. This chandelier will make a room come to life.

Inverted Cake Layers LED Light Fixture Inverted Cake Layers LED Light Fixture

Finished in a stainless steel darker tone, the layers will appear to float on the escaping light as it pours into your setting. This fixture will add a clean and functional modern design that assures to keep lines of consistency and strong lighting boldness.

Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture

This Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture can add a new layer of texture and elegance to a room that needs something to add to it. The fixture is elegant and modern to add to any room that needs the final touch of variety

Mini Falling Crescendo LED Fixture Mini Falling Crescendo LED Fixture

This LED Fixture will add balance and disarray to your decor. With a systematic design to hang perfectly in balance but also give the effect of a water fall design, this LED fixture is sure to catch eyes and raise some questions.

LED Crystal and Chromed Out Chandelier LED Crystal and Chromed Out Chandelier

This product with chrome and crystals dangling in the air will cause a sight for sore eyes. Nothing short of amazing the centerpiece will become the eye gazer of the room in any room, conference room, or corridor.

Band Batons in Balance LED Fixture Band Batons in Balance LED Fixture

Like throwing batons in the air and them getting stuck in a perfectly balanced position, this fixture will add wonderment, excitement, and movement to a boxy designed kitchen, foyer, or hallway.

All Around the World Globe Pendant Fixture All Around the World Globe Pendant Fixture

The All Around the Globe Pendant Fixture will have you feeling accomplished and impressed by sleek and simple design with a touch of elegance.

Sometimes shopping online is easier, we get it. We actually don't mind if you shop with us. We want you to be able to get all your questions answered so we imagine that you might have a few while LED Fixture shopping. With that in mind we wanted to answer some common questions we think you have concerning LED Fixtures if you are new to this.

Question: What would I actually call what I am looking for? What types are there in Premium LED Fixtures?
Conserv A Store: There's plenty of types but we usually categorize them into easy designed sections that make it easier to find exactly what you want; here are the major ones:
-Low Voltage
-Integrated LED
-Unique LED fixtures
Question: What are some things/differences between fixtures? What should I know?
Conserv A Store: Well it all depends on what you want. Do you want a long hanging chandelier or do you have a low ceiling? You will also want to know if the fixture is dimmable or not? With most customers, they need to know the height of their ceiling in order to come close to how much the height can be adjusted to their area where the chandelier will hang. What type of finish/color/size you want? You will also need to know about the mount a little bit in order to properly replace the one you currently have. What the Kelvin Temperature of the LEDs so you will not burn out too fast of usage. And last but not least, the warranty. Be sure to ask for that specific one you are interested in because they are all different to the product. Also be aware that the light source and the fixture have different warranties. Be sure to know both.
Question: Can you accommodate really high ceilings?
Conserv A Store: Yes, we just need to know ahead of time so we can prepare for the longer drop via the product in building
Question: Should I match my fixture to match the carpet/flooring, window treatments or paint? Or should I use something else to visualize what I want?
Conserv A Store: We think the fixture should pull the room together. If the room is done in cooler tones, then the white metals (brushed nickel, chrome, pewter) will probably look best in your space. Should the color palette be more warmer tones, then the oil-rubbed bronzes, blacks, woods will look best. The fixture also needs to be the right size for the space. The easiest rule of thumb is the dimensions in feet added together gives you the minimum size of the fixture in inches - i.e. the room is 12' x 14' so the minimum size would be 26". It is also important to use the correct color lightbulbs in all the fixtures in the space. For example, you order an LED fixture that comes in 3000 Kelvin, the rest of the lighting in the space should be done in 3000 Kelvin as well. We can also provide you with the proper LED bulbs for your entire home. See our LED Lights category.

Hopefully this answers most of your questions regarding LED Fixtures. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us by email at info@conservastore.com. We will gladly help guide you in your purchasing process. We also have a blog that talks about all green topics at www.blog.conservastore.com; come check it out anytime and subscribe to our Youtube at Conservastore

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