5,000 Hour Long Life Chandelier Bulbs, 12 Pack


5,000 Hr Long Life chandelier light bulbs are perfect for the hotel with large atriums or churches with many chandelier bulbs or the consumer that has a signature chandelier in the entrance to their home. The base price is for a 12pk. The cart will guide you @ checkout for this option. We offer a nice price break on 96pcs…reach out  for this opportunity please

If you need maximum hour life in incandescent chandelier bulbs we do still have some inventory on 9000 hr long life chandelier bulbs. Please go here for those


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Get these Long Life Long Lasting Incandescent Chandelier Bulbs while they last!


You enjoy Free Shipping on this item and Quantity Discounts on 96 or more pieces. Please call for quote price @ 407.898.2284

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CL=Candelabra base E12
Medium base=like a normal A19 screw in bulb
MOL (length of bulb from top of glass to bottom of base): 3.75in
Lumens(measure of total amount of visible light):25W=180; 40W=330; 60W= 580

These long-lasting low watt bulbs are sourced from China but do meet all US Govt requirements of incandescent bulbs as of Jan 2012



Smaller Chandelier Bulb
Long Life
Saves Money
Saves Time
Comes in Different Watts
Comes in Different Styles
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Folks chances are for many of you these bulbs could be installed many feet off the ground. CAUTION Please be very careful. If you have any type of vertigo or do not have a very steady ladder then please hire a professional for the job. Always use caution when accomplishing task that you do not normally execute.

LED Chandelier vs 5000 hr Incandescent Chandelier Bulbs

  • Price in favor of the 5000 hr Incandescents-the LED’s are coming down in price but the per hour price still in favor of 5000 hr incandescents
  • Energy efficiency in favor of the LED’s since they use much less power
  • Color rendering-if you are accustomed to a traditional light bulb look you’ll like the 9000 hr–the LED’s can be a bit whiter light which is considered positive
  • Green Gene?? Don’t worry the 5000 incandescents are Green since they prevent you from over purchasing bulbs and reduce packaging and transportation costs to the environment associated with repetitive buying

These bulbs offer more attachment points to the filament than regular incandescent bulbs giving the bulb long life since they reduce vibration a prime cause of burn out

Specification Sheets for Each Bulb: