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We offer you the chance to purchase light bulbs less often. Do you want 20000 hr incandescents bulbs, 9000 hr chandelier bulbs, or a full line of LED's up to 50000 hrs? We have your selection. Long lasting light bulbs that can last for years and save you money and time. Light bulb design, manufacture, and quality is important. There are light bulbs and there are light bulbs. We have sourced high quality long life bulbs in different configurations to fit the many needs you have in your home or business. We believe in technical data so if you do not see the information you want on the bulbs you are purchasing, please let us know and we'll get it for you
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A19 Dimmable Medium Base LED Bulb with 25000 life 03-0008 LED Medium Base PAR16 Light Bulb 25,000 Hours
LED Night Light

LED Medium Dimmable Bulb, perfect for illuminating kitchens/work spaces, indoor/outdoor. Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology creates suitable yet energy efficient light. Can be used in any room where there is an electrical outlet. Neutral color matches any decor. Dimmable PAR16 Light Bulb with Medium base; Ideal for Outside or in the Home. 120 Volt/7Watts 25,000 hour
Evolution 5000 Hr Natural Light CFL Long Life Light Bulb 03-0075 Candelabra Dimmable LED B12 Decorative Bulb 15,000 Hour Life
Evolution 5000 Hr Natural Light CFL Long Life Light Bulb Place these night lights in your children's or elderly parents bathrooms and throughout your house to prevent night time falls and increase night time visibility. GE LED lamps provide excellent energyefficient, long life, and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen light sources.
LED Medium Base Decorative and Dimmable Light Bulb 03-0054 omnidirectional dimmable led bulb
The Light Emitting Diode bulb tip with medium base has a warm glow that emits soft light through any room. It simulates a incandescent-like sparkle when lit. This bulb is ideal for sconces, ceiling fans, and chandeliers.
Superbright triple LED flashlights use a handcrank generator for power. TCP, energy-saving led dimmable,
8 Watt 50000 Hour Dimmabke LED Bulb TCP A19 led light bulb Yellow Bug 25 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs 2 Pack 20,000 Hrs
American made dimmable 8 watt LED bulb. BR20 Flood. 50W equivalent. 50,000 hour life. TCP A19 led light bulb The 20,000 Hour Yellow Bug Light Bulbs give you superior life but promote resistance to bugs for your outdoor living areas. 25wt
Phillips LED ; Floodlight ; BR40 ; Medium Base; Dimmable LED 65 Watt Indoor Flood Bulb  20,000 Hrs Incandescent Long Life 8 Watt PAR20 LED Bulb
Phillips BR40 Medium Base Dimmable LED Floodlight with frosted color is Energy Star rated and can be used indoor or outdoors to add a light variation to any setting Our 65 Watt interior flood bulbs are the longest life incandescent floods you�ll find @ 20,000 hr life. Many people still want the look/feel of incandescent floods in their cans. American made 8 watt PAR20 LED bulb. 50W halogen equivalent. 50,000 hour designed life.
150 Watt Incandescent Flood Bulb 03-0300 75 Watt Indoor/Outdoor Flood Long Life Incandescent Light Bulb  20,000 Hrs
These Flood bulbs last 20,000 hours, much longer than standard bulbs. Homeowners and property managers, reduce the time you spend changing exterior light bulbs. *40 Watt Equivalent *Candleabra Base *Rated lifetime is 8,000 Hours. *This CFL is Energy Star qualified. Longlife 75watt indoor/outdoor incandescent flood light bulbs last up to 20,000 hours. It'll be several years before you need to replace them. Low Case pricing!
18 Watt 75-90W Halogen Equivalent PAR30 LED Bulb 60 Watt Frosted or Clear Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs 20,000 Hrs, 6 pack 100 Watt Long Life Incandescent Light Bulbs (Clear or Frosted) - 20,000 Hrs, 6 Pack
American made 18 watt PAR30 LED bulb. 75/90W halogen equivalent. 50,000 hour designed life. Great for home theaters! Longlife 60 Watt Clear or Frosted incandescent light bulbs burn up to 20,000 hours. Some folks still want incandescent bulbsthese give you that look/feel plus long life. Long-life 100 Watt clear/frosted incandescent light bulbs burn 20,000 hours before needing replacement. Hard to reach bulbs in the house-these can help.
03-0003 9000 Hour Chandelier Bulbs 10pk 9,000 Hour Long Life Chandelier Light Bulbs (Candelabra or Medium Base), 25 Pack or 100pc Case
American made spotlight for applications requiring sufficient light such as large porches, yards, and motion sensors. 9,000 hour chandelier light bulbs are engineered to outlast standard incandescent chandelier bulbs by 3 or 4 times thus saving both time and money. This price for a 10 pack. 9,000 hour long life chandelier light bulbs are perfect for the hotel with large atriums or churches with many chandelier bulbs. The base price is for a 25pk but we offer better pricing for 4ea 25pks(or 100 bulbs). The cart will guide you @ checkout for this option. If you need a mega amount like many hundreds call us for this opportunity please