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More water saving products for your home and garden.
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01-0205 Natural Drain Cleaner Liquid

A natural drain cleaner for household drains that uses a bioenzymatic formulation that attacks organic deposits in drains and improves drain flow in an environmentally sound manner.

01-0205B Natural Drain Cleaner Powder

This is a natural way to clean your drains and is a bioenzymatic formulation that liquefies, digests, and removes organic deposits in household drains. Size is 10 oz.

01-0253 General Tools WA500 Water Leak Alarm

Save water, save money, save pain and prevent extensive leak damage in your home with this water leak detector alarm.

.65 GPM(Gallon per minute) Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valve .65 GPM Lowest Flow Commercial PreRinse Spray Valve

A Pre rinse is a heavily used important part of your commercial kitchen but IT IS A WATER HOG. This model at .65 GPM(gallons per minute) really cuts your use and cost of water but still delivers the water required to properly clean the dishes for your customers

01-0214 Hydromaid Water Powered Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

The Hydromaid food waste sink disposal is a nonelectric alternative to traditional electric powered disposers. Runs on water power only and is safer for kids!