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Natural Drain Cleaner Powder

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This is a natural way to clean your drains and is a bioenzymatic formulation that liquefies, digests, and removes organic deposits in household drains. Size is 10 oz.


A powdered suspension which contains enzymes and bacteria.

Regular use will keep your kitchen & shower drains trouble free.

This product utilizes the waste digesting abilities of specifically
selected bacteria cultures to break down proteins, carbohydrates, animal
and vegetable fats, oils and cellulose.

Prevents the accumulation of sludge, scum grease and other organic
solids. Eliminates waste and odors from drains, grease traps, septic
tanks and similar disposal systems.


As drains are used on a daily basis, a layer of grease, hair, soap scum
and other materials build up on the walls of your drain pipes.

After awhile, this build-up causes the drains to run sluggishly. While
regular drain pipe openers remove clogs, they pass over this build-up.

POWDERED BUILD-UP REMOVER attacks they build-up by releasing massive
quantities of bacteria and natural enzymes. These bacteria liquefy,
eat, digest and remove the build-up.

Build-up removers work at a slower pace than regular drain openers.
Regular drain openers “burn” their way through the blockages and are

The bacteria products live in the piping systems and slowly do their job.

The four bacteria in POWDERED BUILD-UP REMOVER have been specifically chosen for this drain cleaning activity.

One strain of bacteria is for digesting protein, one for digesting
starch, the next for digesting cellulose and the last for digesting fat,
oil and grease.

These four bacteria combined with the enzymes, which speeds up the process makes for an outstanding product.

Size – 10oz

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