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Conserv-A-Store's Solar Energy Products Category is for you to go solar in a small or large way. We have solar experts available to design any residential or light commercial Solar Power System you want
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04-0267 Solar Sign Lighting for Community Entrance or Remote Commercial Signs

We will build a solar powered sign light to light any sign you have where it is too costly to run a line from the power company

Solar Power Connection Cable Kit Solar Power Connection Cable Kit

The solar panel cables all have negative and positive battery clamps, LED charge indicators, and 12V adapters. This is an easy to use and very handy kit to have in your solar collection and be environmentally friendly in your everyday.

04-0184 Solar Car 1.5 Watt Battery Charger

The solar car battery charger can actually prolong the life of your car battery by adding energy from the "tricklecharge" system into your car battery.

1.5 Watt Solar Charger 1.5 Watt Solar Charger

This compact charge is easy to take along with you anytime and all the time. It will quickly catch a charge in the sun or even on the dashboard of your car. This small battery is designed to compensate for small, steady battery drains from things such as the clock or alarm system, and will easily mount to the windshield or dashboard.

7 AMP Solar Charger Regulator 7 AMP Solar Charger Regulator

Prevent battery overcharge and discharge with this 7 AMP Solar Charger Regulator. This will protect and regulate the charge of a 12 volt storage battery using solar panels.

LED Solar Powered Security Light 30- LED Solar Powered Security Light

A motion sensing Solar Powered Security Light will automactically turn on when it senses the motion of someone walking in the driveway, or driving up in your driveway or even someone taking the trash out!

04-0010 Solar Security Light w/ 36 LEDs

A visitor walking up to your door or driving up to your house automatically turns on this bright 36 LED solar security light.

60 LED Solar Security Light 60- LED Solar Security Powered Light

Easy to install and can be installed anywhere, this Solar Security Powered Light is a must have for larger driveways and less lighted barns

04-0035 LED Solar Security Light

Solar power means that you can install this motionsensing light anywhere, at locations with no power source.

Solar Panel Home Kit 100 Watt Solar Panel Home Kit 100 Watt

This 100 Watt Solar Panel Home Kit is portable and easy to set up. It's reliable, durable, and powerful. Offering twice energy, it now has 100 watts of energy- quiet and clean solar energy.

04-0256 Sunlight Solar Sign Lighting Kit

The perfect solar powered light kit for those who cannot run grid tied power to their exterior light requirements. This would include exterior solar security lighting and community solar sign lights

04-0003 Solar Water Heating System for Temperate Climates 1

Solar Thermal Solar Water Heating Devices allow the homeowner or business to reduce electric and gas bills and have energy independence from the local utility. Pay back can be as little as 3 years.