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Get Your Very Own Water Saving Kit and Start Saving Money TODAY!

Conserv-A-Store is proud to offer our own brand of Water and Energy Saving Kits. Sav-Eco Water Saving Kits by Conserv-A-Store are great for the beginner to Water and Energy Saving or those who want to sharpen their Water and Energy Saving focus and REALLY SAVE BIG $$!
These Sav-Eco Kits by Conserv-A-Store can help the apartment dweller,the condo owner, the school looking to teach children about water saving, the utility company looking to prevent the need for another water treatment facility, or even the marketing company looking for a fun but helpful giveaway to their customers. Water Saving Sav-Eco Kits by Conserv-A-Store usually contain the important water saving items found in your bath and kitchen such as lowest flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and toilet accessories. These items are easy to install for most folks so you can save serious amounts of water soon after their install.

Energy Saving Sav-Eco Kits by Conserv-A-Store contain long life light bulbs and controls for energy saving management. They also are easy installs and allow you to begin your energy saving immediately after install. With every Sav-Eco Kit you receive a reusable bag for trips to the grocery. We only put quality water and energy saving items in our water saving toilet and bath kits. The items may be globally sourced but to Conserv-A-Store's high expectations of engineering and performance. Should you want to customize your own water saving kit, we can also do that. We can do a box or a bag with your name and logo on it. Email us @ info@conservastore.com for details.
We will gladly make any type of Sav-Eco Kit by Conserv-A-Store you want-just ask. We would expect to have a lead way of 2-3 weeks in order to properly fill your order. We look forward to working with you.
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Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit White Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit by Conserv-A-Store - Easy

Sav-Eco Introductory Water Saving Kit - All you need to start saving water TODAY

Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit Chrome Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit by Conserv-A-Store - Easy

Save water immediately with this Sav-Eco Water Saving Kit - Easy

Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Beginner Kit Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Beginner Kit by Conserv-A-Store

This Beginner Series Water and Energy Saving Kit gets those who have promised to try and save on their water and power bill to actually take the first step

Sav-Eco Kitchen and Bath Conservation Starter Kit Sav-Eco Kitchen & Bathroom Conservation Starter Kit by Conserv-A-Store

Take the first step in energy conservation today with our SavEco starter kit! Comes with two 0.5 GPM aerators, a 1.5 GPM shower head, and two 20,000 hour light bulbs.

Sav-Eco Bathroom Conservation Kit Sav-Eco Bathroom Conservation Kit by Conserv-A-Store

Make your bathroom the most ecofriendly part of your home with our SavEco kit! Comes with two 0.5 GPM aerators and one 1.5 GPM handheld shower head.

Sav-Eco Water Conservation Kit - Low Flow Shower Head Expert Sav-Eco Water Conservation Kit by Conserv-A-Store -with Low Flow Shower Head Expert

This Water Saving Shower Head kit allows you to become a Low Flow Shower Head expert. The saving can be quite substantial if you install all these products in your bathrooms. We project with the water savings from this kit you would break even on the purchase of this kit in less than a year

Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Kit - Intermediate Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Kit by Conserv-A-Store - Intermediate

We consider this an intermediate level Sav-Eco kit since it shows a pretty strong commitment to water and energy saving by the user

Saving Water is Important in every way to make your home greener!
When Trying to save water there are two basic rules:
1. Shut off faucets whenever possible
2. Make sure your faucets don't drip

Did you know? Faucet Water use accounts for 15-18% of the overall consumption of water in the typical household of 4 people. The amount of water used in a year per household is between 6,000 to 9,750 and the main difference in these numbers are a low flow faucet aerator! So would u rather save $3,750 or spend it? When you think about it in dollars it makes sense! This is why installing one one every faucet in your home will make a HUGE difference

Energy efficient and water saving products such as aerators, light bulbs, and shower heads are beneficial to any home or business. Not only can you help the Earth but you can also cut your water usage and bills possibly in half.

To those in California/Nevada/ and other drought prone areas who regulate the water usage of customers that reside in their ordinances who continue to experience hard times with water supply, these kits are a great place to start water saving and reduce your output per the city recommendations and restrictions without compromising speed or pressure.

-Are you a teacher trying to teach the kids about water saving?
-Are you the manager of a condominium whose board wants to cut water usage by 20%
-Are you a municipal water board looking to fit into some of the new requirements the State of California is mandating?

Then these kits are perfect for you!!

We'll make any type kit you want with any selection and with any quantity. Just Ask!!