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Eco Friendly Water Saving Products that take No Brain Power

Conserv-A-Store wants you to Save Water any way you can. We offer a great selection of water saving products, water saving devices, and water saving kits for your bathroom, kitchen, home, & office. We have a wide selection of low flow shower head, .35 and .5 gpm faucet aerators, lowest flow HET 1.0 gpf toilets. High Efficiency Toilets can be a simple and modern change that takes little effort but makes a big impact in your remodeled bathroom. A new showerhead can add that daily shower a place of peace and even give you more extended showers since the best water saving technique is to have shorter showers; kill two birds with one stone by getting a low flow showerhead. We also have a large selection of water saving kits for the Green Beginner to the long time Green Pro. We even have the hands free faucet called the most innovative kitchen addition, the Tapmaster. Shop with us for all your water saving needs and we encourage you to share your water and sewer usage amounts with us so we can help you lower them without cramping your style. Free shipping on most products, but don’t wait too long- Act Now before they’re all gone! Should you have any question before you purchase or you’re interested in bulk pricing, feel free to give us a shout.
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.35 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator 1.0 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator 01-0011

.35 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator can kick off your water savings today. Easily installed and affordable you'll be conserving water at once. We offer this aerator as single item and in a 6-pack. Quantity Discounts available for 10 or more 6-packs
Switch to a 1.0 GPM low flow faucet aerator and let the water savings pile on. Easily installed, you'll see your water bill go down. We offer this product as a single item and in a pack.

Quantity Discounts available.
Now you can know how long you're taking in the shower thanks to this 5 minute earth sand timer.
0.5 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator 01-0037 1.5 gpm Dual Thread Faucet Aerator for Kitchen and Bath
0.5 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA
Faucet Aerator can kick off your water savings today. Easily installed and affordable you'll be conserving water at once. We offer this aerator as single item and in a 6-pack. Fantastic Quantity Discounts available for 11 or more 6-packs! Please call/email now!  
Carbon Block Water Filter cartridges offer the most consistent removal of chlorine from drinking water giving you satisfaction that your water is safe. 1.5 gpm Faucet Aerators are a good start to get your water saving started(although we prefer you purchase .5 gpm aerators for max water saving). These come in a 6 Pk only
01-0197 01-0149 1.0 GPM Deluxe Low Flow Aerator
Free ShippingUse this flow control for older showerheads and enable them to start saving water & money today.

The DripStop Valve replaces the old-fashioned rubber washers used in standard compression faucets. Drip Stop creates a long lasting, watertight seal even in faucets with chipped or worn seats.

The perfect water saving faucet aerator for your kitchen. Switch between a small amount of water to the normal flow rate for extra water savings in your kitchen or home.
Toilet Flapper w/ Adjustable Float by Korky Very Economical Chrome/White 1.5gpm(gallon per minute) Water Saving Shower Head 0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM Tri-Max Low Flow Aerator
This adjustable float flapper by Korky gives the users a lot of options. Move the float up for extreme water savings or down for more flushing power. Perfect for hotels, apartments, and other multi family high use settings.
Contact us if you want to install in multiple toilets in a multi-family job and we'll offer you a nice price break!
Choose this Premier model 1.5gpm shower head for the value and classic look of a single setting head that offers great water saving and a nice look and quality
The Tri-Max Aerator is a dream for those wanting water saving but also requiring different water pressure requirements
Frugal Flush Adjustable Toilet Flapper Water Saving 01-0205 Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead
This Water Saving Adjustable flapper will allow better performance on existing 1.6 gpf toilets and extreme savings on 3.5 and older gpf toilets A natural drain cleaner for household drains that uses a bioenzymatic formulation that attacks organic deposits in drains and improves drain flow in an environmentally sound manner. This Niagara Earth Low Flow Massage 1.25 GPM Showerhead is a great source of water saving in the bathroom. With the twist nozzle, you are able to control how much water flows from the showerhead. Easily installed, this water saving device can quickly replace you old showerhead.
1.5 GPM Dual Spray Kitchen Low Flow Faucet Aerator with Swivel and Pause Valve Low Flow 2.50 GPM Button style Soap & Soak Shower head 01-0205B
This 1.5 GPM Swivel faucet aerator allows you to control the direction of the water and pause it when neccessary. Best of all you're saving water while your using it. Price by ea This low flow shower head is rated 2.50 GPM but offers great water savings for hotels, motels, or property managers due to the trickle only button This is a natural way to clean your drains and is a bioenzymatic formulation that liquefies, digests, and removes organic deposits in household drains. Size is 10 oz.
1.5 GPM Shower head with Soak & Soap Option Low Flow TriMax Showerhead  0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit White
This Earth Massage 1.5 GPM(gallon per minute) Showerhead includes a Soak & Soap On/Off Switch. Uses 40% less water than the standard 2.5 GPM model. Niagara's revolutionary TriMax Showerhead features three adjustable spray settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. Sav-Eco Introductory Water Saving Kit - All you need to start saving water TODAY
Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit Chrome 3-function shower head, 1.5 GPM,chrome. Luxury Water Saving Shower Head 1.5GPM
Save water immediately with this Sav-Eco Water Saving Kit - Easy
This deluxe shower-head is adjustable 3-ways: massage, stream,
direct. Perfect for after sports, casual, or targeted stream.
Water-saving, chrome-made, 1.5 GPM.
It's hard to find water saving and luxury in a low flow shower head. This 1.5 GPM head provides a great look, quality, and water saving as well.
01-0253 Earth 1.50 GPM Low Flow Chrome Handheld Massage Personal Shower head Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Beginner Kit
Save water, save money, save pain and prevent extensive leak damage in your home with this water leak detector alarm. Low Flow(1.5gallons per minute) Personal Shower heads follow the contour of your body AND you save water AND money too! This Beginner Series Water and Energy Saving Kit gets those who have promised to try and save on their water and power bill to actually take the first step
Sav-Eco Kitchen and Bath Conservation Starter Kit Sav-Eco Bathroom Conservation Kit Fluidmaster Pro Dual Flush Retrofit Kit-Water Saving
Take the first step in energy conservation today with our SavEco starter kit! Comes with two 0.5 GPM aerators, a 1.5 GPM shower head, and two 20,000 hour light bulbs. Make your bathroom the most ecofriendly part of your home with our SavEco kit! Comes with two 0.5 GPM aerators and one 1.5 GPM handheld shower head. Convert your toilet into a watersaving dual flushing system with the trusted name Fluidmaster. Most of your toilet activity is liquid waste Save and water with this system. No tools less than 10 minute install.

Are you in a drought prone area? Do you need to save more water to save on your bill? Trying to teach the kids about water conservation? We have most to all the answers for what you are looking for and try to encourage you to save water. Did you know that Los Angeles tops the list of the most drought plagued cities in the USA; well if you are in this area water saving is vital to your city’s well being. Other places that are included in this is Central Texas cities, Oklahoma City, and Deep South Cities in Alabama, Louisiana, and even Florida. Scientist are even suggesting that raging bush fires are going to become more and more common that we want them to be. With growing populations in Florida, LA, and Texas the answer is not using more but learning how to use less. The Great Lakes are shrinking and even Florida’s everglades are being less in water height. National averages of rainfall are becoming record breaking numbers everyday and we have to contribute our conscious decision to save the water and use less so there is not an end of natural resources. Climate change is happening before our eyes and the changes to the environment are detrimental and irreversible. Drought prone area aren’t the only environmental changes we see; hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires, just to name a few, are happening often because of the damage to the climate humans are causing. Will you make a conscious decision to not be a contributor to the harmful effects? We want to make sure we inform you of the best practices and tips that you know you can do something small that will make a small change like using a water restrictor on your faucet and showerheads. We have more tricks and tips on how you can save our beautiful planet at www.blog.conservastore.com. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information from us to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via info@conservastore.com - we’ll be glad to help you figure out quantity, type, or even design ideas that can be used for your living room remodeling ideas. Watch our blog for the easiest re-use of normal items that can be re-used or tips and tricks for being more eco-friendly in your home at www.blog.conservastore.com. If you happen to be in Central Florida where home is for us, we would be glad to suggest a licensed professional to install any of our products for you. The Green Solutions for Your Life!

More info from the graph above can be found here: http://www.circleofblue.org/2016/water-management/pricing/infographic-average-u-s-household-water-use-bills-2015-16/

Looking to Calculate your home's water usage- Use this