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Save Energy and Water in the Kitchen without Losing Elegance

When looking to add innovation and upgrades to your kitchen shop here to find the greatest and latest additions to your kitchen like kitchen sink faucets and more. We like to reinforce your regular lifestyle without sacrificing elegance when changing simple things in your home. Within this category you will find Tapmasters, Hand-Activated Faucets, Low Flow Aerators, Hydromaid Water Saving Garbage Disposal, or Chrome Tap Aerator in order to provide aerated water, Many Faucet adapter, and other kitchen faucets types. We even have LED Chandeliers that can add Energy Efficient, Energy Conservation, and Low Energy Consumption lighting to your new remodeled kitchen so your can be the Energy Saver of the neighborhood.
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1.0 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator 1.0 GPM Water Saving Dual Thread PCA Faucet Aerator

Switch to a 1.0 GPM low flow faucet aerator and let the water savings pile on. Easily installed, you'll see your water bill go down. We offer this product as a single item and in a pack.

Quantity Discounts available.

01-0037 Water Filter Carbon Block Cartridge for Under the Sink Point of Use Systems

Carbon Block Water Filter cartridges offer the most consistent removal of chlorine from drinking water giving you satisfaction that your water is safe.

01-0149 DripStop Valve - Faucet Washer Replacement

The DripStop Valve replaces the old-fashioned rubber washers used in standard compression faucets. Drip Stop creates a long lasting, watertight seal even in faucets with chipped or worn seats.

03-0030 SelfStick Door Sweep

Seals out drafts, preventing energy loss.

0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM Tri-Max Low Flow Aerator 0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM Tri-Max Low Flow Aerator

The Tri-Max Aerator is a dream for those wanting water saving but also requiring different water pressure requirements

4W CTC 30K 120V LED Candelabra Light Bulbs 4W CTC 30K 120V LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

Choosing a light bulb can be difficult. This is why we recommend bulbs such as this one for a LED replacement of older bulbs. When customers choose to change from regular bulbs to LED bulbs, they want to make sure they are not losing any properties they have gotten adjusted to. This is why we recommend this bulb as one of the bulbs to place in the home for small lamps and chandeliers because it will stay bright and last for many hours to come

4W CFC 30K Candelabra Base 120V LED Light Bulbs from Conserv-A-Store 4W CFC 30K Candelabra Base 120V LED Light Bulb

This 4 Watt Candelabra Base 120 Voltage LED Light Bulb has some of the best properties an LED bulb can offer. With the flame tip shaped bulb, you can add elegance to chandeliers for LED fixtures for a little extra spruce of lighting.

1.0 GPM Deluxe Low Flow Aerator 1.0 GPM Multi-function Swivel Kitchen Flow Control Aerator

The perfect water saving faucet aerator for your kitchen. Switch between a small amount of water to the normal flow rate for extra water savings in your kitchen or home.

03-0037 Premium Quality Door and Window Adhesive VType Weatherstrip 17'

The Premium Quality Door and Window Adhesive  VType Weatherstrip 17' is ideal for windows and doors � ultra cold ICEOTAC� adhesive.

9.8W A19 220' Beam 50K LED Medium Base Bulb 9.8W A19 220' Beam 50K LED Medium Base Bulb

This 9.8 Watt 220 Foot Beam, 5000 Kelvin Temperature Medium Base LED Bulbs is the most recognizable bulb on the market. It similarly looks like a normal bulb that we are use to but emits less heat and will last longer than the older bulbs, the white base offers a soft white glow in a normal sized bedroom or living area. The initial 800 Lumens will glow brighter and longer than the normal non-LED bulbs.

1.5 GPM Dual Spray Kitchen Low Flow Faucet Aerator with Swivel and Pause Valve 1.5 GPM Swivel and Pause Lever Control Valve

This 1.5 GPM Swivel faucet aerator allows you to control the direction of the water and pause it when neccessary. Best of all you're saving water while your using it. Price by ea

01-0205 Natural Drain Cleaner Liquid

A natural drain cleaner for household drains that uses a bioenzymatic formulation that attacks organic deposits in drains and improves drain flow in an environmentally sound manner.

01-0193 In Line Icemaker Water Filter Cartridge

In line icemaker water filter cartridges are ideal for refrigerators, water dispensers, drinking fountains, and in line coffee makers. 2000gal capacity.

13PAR30 Short Neck 3000K 120V LED Light Bulb 13PAR30 Short Neck 3000K 120V LED Light Bulb

The 13PAR30 Short Neck 3000 Kelvin Temperature 120 Volt LED Light Bulb we offer here at Conserv-A-Store is a great bulb for replacement of older bulbs or changing over to making the home more energy efficient. With that in mind, these bulbs are built to last a long time and make sure you get your money's worth.

10A19 5000K 120V LED Medium Base Light Bulb 10A19 5000K 120V LED Medium Base Light Bulb

This is a long lasting light bulb that can last for upwards of 20000 hours or more. It is approved for enclosed fixtures other than lamps so all around the home or office purposes. This one is frosted for a dimmer glow and has a 10 Watt - 5000K warmth.

Basic Electric Energy Saving Kit Basic Electric Energy Saving Eco Kit

Just getting started saving energy? Try this energy saving kit!

Phillips LED ; Floodlight ; BR40 ; Medium Base; Dimmable LED 14 Watt (85W Equivalent) 25,000 Hour Dimmable BR40 Flood LED Bulb

Phillips BR40 Medium Base Dimmable LED Floodlight with frosted color is Energy Star rated and can be used indoor or outdoors to add a light variation to any setting

9W Direct Wire Downlight 5-6 inches LED Lighting 9W Direct Wire Downlight 5-6 inches LED Lighting

This ceiling light is more eco friendly with energy saving and money saving techniques that can help make your home Energy Efficient. The dimmable quality of this downlight will also add a new varying experience to how you choose to light the area it is placed. The integrated J-box will allow for easy replacement from previous lights as long as you pick the right replacement size.

01-0069 Water Filter Under the Sink Point of Use System

Underthesink point of use water filter systems save you on bottled water costs. This unit includes a replaceable carbon block cartridge, spout, changing wrench, and tubing.

.65 GPM(Gallon per minute) Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valve .65 GPM Lowest Flow Commercial PreRinse Spray Valve

A Pre rinse is a heavily used important part of your commercial kitchen but IT IS A WATER HOG. This model at .65 GPM(gallons per minute) really cuts your use and cost of water but still delivers the water required to properly clean the dishes for your customers

01-0214 Hydromaid Water Powered Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

The Hydromaid food waste sink disposal is a nonelectric alternative to traditional electric powered disposers. Runs on water power only and is safer for kids!

Tapmaster Euro Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775 Tapmaster EURO Hands Free Faucet Controller Model 1775

The Euro Tapmaster is a unique Hands Free Faucet with a Brushed Nickel finish Euro probe foot activator. It is perfect for the homeowner that loves to cook. The foot probe is so easy your stocking feet are all that's needed to activate it. Please look at the videos and blogs we've provided you for further study before you purchase.

Price: $349.00
Deal of the Day Price: $331.00
Savings: $18.00

Laing Autocirc Undersink Instant Hot Water Circulating Pump Model e1-bcanrt1w-06 Laing Circulating Pump Autocirc Undersink for Instant Hot Water

Geez, Always running the water in your bathroom faucet just to get some hot. Now you'll have Hot Water ALL the time with the Laing Autocirc pump! Free Shipping on this item.
This is the Laing model e1-bcanrt1w-06

Laing ACT-4 Potable Hot Water Recirculation Pump Kit Laing ACT-4 Potable Hot Water Recirculation Pump Kit

The Laing ACT-4 Recirculation Pump gives the owner a lot of features some Recirculating pumps do not such as no need for a return line to the water heater and the use of as little as 20 watts of power

Vornado Hanging LED Light Fixture Vornado Hanging LED Light Fixture

LED Fixture that is nothing short of amazing. The Chandelier LED Fixture will provide an elegant change to the entry walk way, business, or kitchen renovation

01-0805 Moen HandsFree Faucet with MotionSense

With this innovative technology, Moen allows you to control the flow of water without ever touching the faucet  just a wave of your hand! Many finishes and styles.

Sprawling Arms Minka George Kovacs LED Chandelier Sprawling Arms Minka George Kovacs LED Chandelier

The Six Sprawling Arms LED Chandelier by Minka George Kovacs will be nothing short of stunning. This chandelier complements the warm undertones of cabinetry and counter finishes that will add depth and design that you want to accomplish. This chandelier will make a room come to life.

Inverted Cake Layers LED Light Fixture Inverted Cake Layers LED Light Fixture

Finished in a stainless steel darker tone, the layers will appear to float on the escaping light as it pours into your setting. This fixture will add a clean and functional modern design that assures to keep lines of consistency and strong lighting boldness.

Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture

This Outside the Box LED Pendant Fixture can add a new layer of texture and elegance to a room that needs something to add to it. The fixture is elegant and modern to add to any room that needs the final touch of variety

Mini Falling Crescendo LED Fixture Mini Falling Crescendo LED Fixture

This LED Fixture will add balance and disarray to your decor. With a systematic design to hang perfectly in balance but also give the effect of a water fall design, this LED fixture is sure to catch eyes and raise some questions.

Did you find everything you were looking for? When searching the Elegant Kitchen Additions to Help You Save, sometimes you may not find what you are exactly looking for. Faucet Aerators, Water Restriction Aerators, Hands-Free Faucets, and many more can be hard to find when you are unsure of what exactly to get or how to change a faucet aerator. We have recognized that drought prone areas or areas with high energy costs such as CA, AZ, southern TX, and NV are all a great candidate for a kitchen retrofit of with our products. Sometimes, it’s not so much about the access to supply, it’s more so how do we utilize that supply. Conserv A Store wants to help you maximize your supply usage and restriction. We might be able to help with any questions or other options that might work better for you. We want to be able to help you be the star of your neighborhood with our eco-friendly products. Show your neighbors how to be eco-friendly as well! Spreading the knowledge will never hurt, only help others! For more information check out our Eco Friendly Blog that talks about green living and tips for staying green and different articles on the environment to have an eco friendly house and many other things! www.blog.conservastore.com Reach out to us with any questions or concerns: info@conservastore.com If you happen to be in Central Florida where home is for us, we would be glad to suggest a licensed professional to install any of our products for you. The Green Solution for Your Life