Golf Course Managers, Maintenance Professionals and Recycled Rubber Landscape Solutions

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Conserv A Store, the Green Solution for Your Life, has gained a reputation as a broad provider of Landscaping Solutions with Recycled Rubber Tire Molded and Poured Products

A golf course is largely an open landscape space filled with trees, grass of course, pathways, hedges, flowers. This is the type of topography that is perfect for the Rubber Landscape products Conserv A Store offers:


Below is a discussion of the products Conserv A Store can offer a Golf Course Maintenance Professional or Manager. We want to provide the best information about these products we manufacture here in the USA. We are a home grown business and find it extremely important to provide products that are of high quality for the maximum life of the product. If at any point you are considering a large bulk order or project and need to ask questions we can help you decide what items will best fit your project needs. We will also custom make dimensions that better fit your situation. There is also options for us to come and do an install for larger projects. Again, please just start the conversation with us so we can best assess your needs. We’re here to help!


Do you have Trees on the Green that are hard to keep clean around the base? We have Tree Rings!

24″ More for a small tree that will remain small and not grow, only needs minimal maintenance

30″ A strange size but we make it and want to offer it to you. It larger but not too large. Still able to be moved around solo

36″ Perfect for smaller just planted trees. Also made to grow with the tree over the years as it grows

48″ Fits a lot of smaller trees that will grow larger in 5 years time. Heavy molded Mulch, easy to maintain and easy installation

60″ Fits a lot of medium sized trees-the Center cutout is 8″ but can be expanded up to another 10″ and you still have plenty of product left for surrounding the tree; Heavy

72″ For a large diameter tree Center cutout is 12″ but an additional 12″ could be cut with no diminution of function, Largest pre made and Extra heavy


Larger than a 72” needed? The other option is that it can be poured by you or your staff depending on quantity needed at the tree location. This is our Pour in Place offering which you may need more or less than the kit but this will get you started in the right direction. Check out our 4 in 1 Solution: Pour in Place: Commercial 



Molded Mulch Mats

3 ft x 20 ft This is a base piece that allows you to cut many sizes at the point of use. Say you have a 2 ft x 16 ft requirement, you can cut it to size at the location or we can cut it for you for a reasonable charge

4 ft x 4 ft  These are perfect to replace what might currently be a metal grate tree well perhaps at the entrance to the club

5 ft x 5 ft Tree wells tend to  be either 4 ft x 4 ft or 5 ft x 5 ft so we have them both for you depending on your needs

FYI: Cutting the mats is easy with a very long blade utility knife or a PVC Saw. They are fairly heavy so the best option is to have a friend’s help. These mats are also they type to last for over 5 years. We have done Municipal Cities and Governmental Contractual work for City Ordinances. For specific jobs, please reach out to for an RFP.


Border Mats

Edge Border There are a boatload of borders on a golf course. Some to add detail to the scenery and others to prevent water and mud build up. These will help you demarcate in a lovely way while cutting down on maintenance requirements.

Mega Edge Border A step up from the ones above, these are great for fence rows since they are so long and sturdy. This would also be great for putting on the green to discourage puddles and unpleasant to the eye grass holes.


Walkway Mats

Maybe you don’t want to lay concrete or pavement then a walkway Rubber is definitely a way to go. These will piggy back off the offering above but will not be as thin. These are more for a walkway or a placement on the green to get from one spot to the other without disturbing the grass or to cover up unsightly areas

2 ft x 8 ft Nice replacement for a standard pathway

18″ x 6 ft A small pathway between 2 important areas


Poured Solutions

When you’ve got an area that has poor drainage and nothing is working you can have your staff or we can send out our staff so they can do a custom pour a solution for you with thickness and width and length determined by you its a winning way to go. It’s definitely a more exclusive way to use our solutions but it will last for TEN YEARS or more. Add up those savings! When it comes to a golf course you want to make sure the scenery is pristine. With this long term solution, you’re sure to be the cream of the crop!

The video below shows the solidarity and consistency of the pour and you will most definitely pour it and forget about it except for an occasional blow off of debris with the blower. LOW TO LITTLE maintenance. So not only do you have savings for over 10 years you will also be able to cut your lawn and garden maintenance bill down. It’s so easy we can show you how to do it or if the job is large enough we can send a crew to complete the job for you if you’re in the southeast USA. Reach out to us today to ask any questions.


Competing solutions

Rock – this is good for certain projects but not all areas and the rock must be spread at least yearly. It also will not stay where it’s put. Positives of this option is it’s natural.

Sand – with this option, you have plenty of it in a golf course but once again must be spread often, maintained often and will change according to weather. Positive to this options is it’s natural.

Wood Mulch – This is our main competitor and is very cheap and can look nice but it blows all over the place sadly. It must also be laid at least twice yearly so you must add the cost of staff or landscape companies to put it out

Conservastore is here to help you. Reach out with your intentions and we can design a solution for your golf course landscaping needs. Often we find a blend of molded and poured product is the best solution since some areas are classical round or square or rectangular but others are non linear.

Did we mention that all this rubber is from recycled rubber tires that would normally be put into a landfill but thanks folks you’re giving it another life

Conservastore loves the game of Golf

“No man will ever have golf under his thumb…No round will every be so good that it could not have been better. Perhaps that is why golf is the greatest of games. You are not playing a human adversary; you are playing a game. You are playing Old Man Par.”  Bobby Jones


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