Green Topics Update 2.6.22

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Quick Green Update
Our Green Topics Update for you week ending 2.6.22









Get a Quick Green Topics Update of What’s Happening in the world of Sustainability, Green Energy, and Green Finance as well as what we’re doing here at the Conserv-A-Store.


What Happened in Green News Recently

There’s a lot of talk and some action about off shore wind farms in the Northeast USA.

The USA is really behind in these efforts compared to say coastal UK which has some substantial wind generation.

It’s all really about choice The best energy policy is the variegated one where no once source takes you down


What’s Happening at Conservastore these days?

Recirculating pumps are an economical, after the amount of water saved,  addition to any 3 bed 2 bath house or larger They give instant water so there is no letting the faucet go on and on especially in the winter when you hands are freezing anyway. There is a model for tankless heaters We offer a suite of 3 pumps made by Laing Thermotech Xylem–check it out here


What Happened with Green Stocks Bonds and Investments recently?

Is Bitcoin really an Energy Gobbler and should we be concerned if it becomes a fiat currency as a result?. The basis is what is hard to figure. A lotta experts say a lotta different things. One expert we heard says that because Bitcoin miners(producers of the block chain tokens) can essentially be any where in the world, say next to a hydro power plant, they can follow the path to renewable energy producers. Other experts say that since a large part of all the Bitcoins to ever be made have already been made then the most energy use has already occurred. Seems like a developing situation to us but at the moment most agree Bitcoin mining is highly energy intensive.

A more comprehensive study is here thanks to NYT


Thought for the upcoming week:

If given the choice try to choose the Green option Say you fly a lot and rent cars as a result Why not always ask for the highest mpg vehicle available. Saves your pocket book and the performance is the same.

It’s hard to choose the airline with the lowest carbon footprint currently but United has mentioned they will be using non fossil fuel propulsion more in the future


See you soon and please send us articles, funnies, or videos you like and feel others may as well

The Conservastore Team

Thanks to Wikipedia, The Guardian,  and CNBC for content in some links above


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