Green Topics Update Holiday Season ’22 Happy New Year ’23

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Quick Green Update
Our Quick Green Update for you this week


Get a Quick Green Update of What’s Happening in the world of Sustainability, Green Energy, & Green Finance as well as what we’re doing here at the Conserv-A-Store.




What Happened in Green News Since our Last Post?

The COP(Conference of Parties) 27 UN sponsored climate conference in Egypt was concluded. Here’s a link to the UN Site. Guess one would say with lukewarm response and accomplishment. US President Joe Biden did attend and the Climate gurus of the 2 largest world polluters, USA and China did meet on issues but with the curveball the Ukraine Russia war has caused with the perceived paucity of oil and gas many countries are sadly sliding back to an era Pre COP  where the increase in climate change is trumped by the supposed need of countries to power their transportation and infrastructure and heat their citizens homes. An attempt was made by smaller countries to get reparations for not polluting the way the large countries have but still being affected by climate change. Guess talking is better than no talking. Next COP in the UAE in a year.


A less well publicized conference but equally important, the COP 15 on biodiversity took place in Montreal the first two weeks of December ’22. Conservastore believes strongly in the Rights of Nature This conference focuses on the important Human non Human interface that is rarely discussed by global leaders. Here is what is planned We’ll update this with final proceedings when it is over.


What Happened at Conservastore recently?


Thanks to Florida Storm Water Solutions for their superior work in a de watering effort at a St Pete, Fla condominium townhome

The condo owners were not happy with the sitting water around their properties and this standing water was causing damage to structure

The Conservastore long rubber mulch mat 3 ft x 20 ft was used to create a perfect barrier between the water and the structure

The product is firm and permeable but strong and long lasting. These are the after install pics




What Happened with Green Stocks Bonds and Investments recently?

The Ukraine War and the supposed increase in inflation as a result meant a poor return on investment for most securities and bonds.

The blow up of Crypto was a story of interest The story we found most interesting was the assault by certain folks on ESG investing.

ESG or Environmental, Social, Governance investing attempts to offer a social input to the traditional no holds barred maximize shareholder value at all costs  investing that Wall Street has followed for many decades. Many Wall Street folks feel that ESG damages the oil and gas infrastructure and causes possible pain to those in that industry, These folks may not feel climate change has a human input at all. ESG has not been a panacea and is often linked to Greenwashing but it has helped redirect some major investment into Green power. Wall Street and the Oilngas industry have gotten politicians involved in an attempt to defund pension funds that support ESG.

We would like to see a an independent body that has a tie in to the SEC grade the claims of ESG investments. It would be hard to do because of the strong co mingling of Washington DC and Wall Street, which represses the truth. Grades could be 1-10 or A-F with the highest being the most contributory to solid ESG goals.

Here’s a good informative article on the basics of ESG from the Corporate Finance Institute by Kyle Peterdy


Thought for the upcoming period:

The Holidays are here in USA and a lot of the world. The American Thanksgiving is a great time for family and reflection on the general theme of Thankfulness. We are Thankful for our customers, our vendors, and those that peak in on us on occasion to learn about sustainability practices We appreciate it !!!

The Christmas Holiday does involve a lot of waste although it’s mission is certainly good for Humanity. Try to be cognizant of your waste during this holiday and recycle re use when  you can

So now the dawn of another year. 2023 is here. For most of us 2022 started quite well until the Ukraine Russia war started. We feel perhaps this war is one of the last chances for oil and gas to show it’s dominance. We believe in sustainability and hope this 100 year reliance on oil and gas will begin to dwindle soon so fewer people are damaged by it’s lack of consistent affordable power.

We wish us all a 2023 of less conflict more sustainability more harmony with nature and more cognizance of your fellow man


Reflection and other thoughts….




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See you soon and please send us things you like and feel others may as well

The Conserv-A-Store Team

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