Our Resolve for 2022:

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Ladies & Gentlemen,
We wish to thank you for being with us in 2021. For 2022 we resolve to do the following:

1. Ship more promptly.

2. Add more unique items that are hard to find any where else in the world. All products in this store offer a Green Solution or we will not offer them

3. Do a better job of passing on the latest developments in Sustainability, Green Energy, How to lead a Green Life. We will send monthly newsletters of course and a bi weekly blog post on Green Topics. We Facebook Tweet and Pinterest often. Sorry we still do not Instagram or Snapchat or Tik Tok. Should we?

4. We need to do more promotions that’s for sure

5. Help our customers save water Send us your water bill and we’ll review it and make suggestions on how you might could drop the monthly charges by 30%. No charge for this service

6. We always need to listen to our customers more astutely. Reach out if we are not performing and we’ll try to do better. But if you got an order that really helped you please let us know that as well. We feel that knowledge will help the next person

7. Make our website easier to navigate. If you are into technology and see errors or bottlenecks heck yeah we want to hear about it.

8. Respect Nature more. Humans are great folks generally but maybe Nature needs a larger seat at the table. All species are in it together

9. Live a GreenLife ourselves. We are a small staff and we all try to lead a GreenLife but we can all do better and it starts with us. We’ve made some personal goals that we may share through out the ’22 year. If you have had successes in your GreenLife practice you want others to know about send them on and we’ll get them out


We’re in this together.
Year after Year.

Thank you for being in there with us.

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