Soil Moist Granules 3oz


Soil Moist Granules reduces plant watering by absorbing 200x its weight in water & releasing a steady supply of water to the plant. Excellent for annuals & new transplants.

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Soil Moist Granules comes in a 3 ounce package for this product. There are larger sizes available but you will need to contact us for more information and sizes available. We also offer Organic Fish Fertilizer to help you maintain a healthy eco friendly garden.

Why use Soil Moist Granules?

Soil Moist Granules is an environmentally safe but synthetic and super absorbant copolymer. With this included in the soil, for maximum water retention, it is an effective water management aid designed to reduce the amount of constant watering by up to 50%! Reduce you time watering the soil for healthy plants that will thrive even in tropical and humid weather.

When these granules are mixed into the soil, the granules will soften and swell up 2 to 4Xs bigger than what they will first appear out of the bag. Once the water is added to the granules, they will hold the water until the soil dries they are mixed in. You will notice visually that when the soil decompresses, that you will need to water the plant’s soil.

*** Please store in a dry place away from water to prevent early expansion.



  • minimizes transplant shock due to moisture loss
  • reduces soil compaction
  • super absorbant
  • reduces watering your plants by 50%
  • ideal for use of smaller planting pot
  • amazing for vegetable gardens to prevent whithering in the summer
  • animals don’t care for them


Are they safe to use? Water Crystals

Yes, depending on the end goal of your planting/garden. Some studies suggest that polyacrylamide, which most water crystals are made of, is a carcinogen. But the Soil Moist Granules do not contain these polyacrylamide, other may but our brand does not. Furthermore, according to Fine Gardening Magazine, neither kind of water crystal may make an appreciable difference in the amount of water your soil will hold. It will depend on the quality of the “crystals” you buy. 


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Please see the video below for information using this product. This video explains why gardeners can use this product in the summer for GREAT water retention. All you have to do is mix the granules with the soil for the container you choose to use. The video goes into more depth about the product. See below!

Wondering what these Soil Moist Granules actually are? 

Soil Moist Granduales are some of the most absorbent “water crystal” that capture the water or “moisture” that would normally penetrate and percolate by root zones in the soil. As the soil proceeds to dry, the stored water in the granules release the water back into the soil and then released back to plant roots. This is one of the best ways to retain water over the summer or in hotter climates where water retention is a large factor in maintaining healthy plants. You can use these in soil and very ideal for smaller containers, baskets, vegetable gardens, turf and trees. We believe in safe and eco friendly products so this is safe to use on all plants.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)