Proper Hand Washing to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with Hands Free Tapmaster

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Proper hand washing has always been a topic of commonalities since germs and viruses can spread easily from one hand to another. Just think about it. How many surfaces do you touch in a mere 30 minutes. Then calculate how many times you touch your face including your eyes, your nose, and your mouth. Imagine how many OTHER people touched those same surfaces with their germs and left them for you to pick up and transfer to other sites as well. The spread can get endless at some points but the proper hand washing and safety precautions can provide you with protection as well as ease of mind. Know the how, what, when, & where when it comes to your safety.

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Check out this video from Sanjay Gupta on Handwashing

Granted in the video above he did efficiently try to wash his hands thoroughly BUT, notice the surfaces he touched at the beginning. Most people do this without thought. We’ve all touched faucets and not thought about it because it’s in our home or there’s no other way to turn on the faucet.

At the end of the video, he does touch the faucet with the napkin but if he then proceeds to finish drying his hands again, then what he just touched on the faucet now gets transfered on your hands. Maybe the faucet was cleaned properly prior to the washing of his hands (could very be likely) BUT in the normal world when we are washing our hands, sometimes we don’t think about this because it is such a normal practice. Especially with door knobs, bathroom stalls, and gas pumps. We have to be overly conscious when it comes down to washing hands and touching surfaces with the rise of COVID-19.

What can Conserv A Store do to help the small businesss owner during COVID-19?

We introduce the Tapmaster. The hands free faucet device that can be foot or knee activated. Check this video out:


The Tapmaster is an easily installed water saving device that converts any faucet to a hands free operation. The Tapmaster is not only great for dental and medical offices but also for those who love to cook. A third hand in the kitchen during the busy holidays or a day with the kids making cookies, the Tapmaster will allow you to be superman or superwoman seamlessly. No need to touch this and touch that and have a panic of transferring germs between raw foods, open wounds, or what ever else the hands are exposed to daily.

Conserv-A-Store would like to be your Tapmaster Headquarters and be able to provide you with the support you may need during installation. We have been doing this for over ten years and can tell you about anything you need when it comes to any issues with a Tapmaster functionality. We welcome any question on the Tapmaster units that you may need to ask depending on your particular situation via call or email. We also offer blogs and videos and customer testimonials on the operation of the Tapmaster and experiences of current Tapmaster users.

Whether you like the kick plate, foot activator, or door activator, we have it all. We have been specializing in Tapmaster for dental offices, handy men, mechanics, tattoo artist, doctor offices, veterinary offices, as well as for customers who are dealing with the elderly that have been exposed to COVID-19. We know those on the front lines need the most protection so we are ahppy to provide Tapmasters to these customers who specificially need it in this pandemic. We hope you choose us when shopping for your next Tapmaster in your kitchen, bathroom, or dental office. Construction sites and mechanics love to use this addition when their hands are dirty. Have you tried it before? Do you have a reveiw you’d like to submit? Email us at

We offer FREE SHIPPING on this item and we also prefer to ship to you NEXT DAY UPS at our expense for delivery before 11AM EST time on weekdays only. It is extremely important for us to get you this vital product quickly and safely.

Tapmaster simply makes your life easier, and prevent the spread of viruses and germs. Try teaching your children about hand washing with a cool device such as this one!




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